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The people here need to grow up.

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The toxicity of this fanbase is on full display, despite this season under 10 games. The record is 2-5 and already we see the same posters swooping in to repeat their entrenched opinions. It's almost like they want the team to fail just to prove a point.


This board is so quick to laugh at boards like HFboards or Calgary Puck. Yet the real joke is on us here. This team deserves better fans than the ones we give them. It's embarrassing.


The older fans may remember a team that was far less talented in the past and they remember when this team was so bad for the longest time. Yet you look around the league, there are worse run teams out there. This board represents some of the most entitled fans in the league. They feel like everyone owes Canuck fans something.


Of course this team has made mistakes. I am more interested to see what happens at the end of this season, which may see a lot of new changes. But this fanbase (this board specifically) is just spoiled silly.


Other fanbases have a lot of reasons to complain about their team, but we somehow find ourselves making excuses in order to be a victim. "The refs are after us. The league is after us."


This board really is mentally sick. Get help.

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