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Powerplay suggestion...pass on to N. Brown please

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44 minutes ago, Canuckster86 said:

Mr. Brown, here is a recommendation to try and mix up your PP options...put Tyler Myers in front of the net ala Chara for the Bruins.


Thank you


Simple change but would give us a large body net front presence

I’ve seen worse ideas on here. I think MacEwen would be good as well because he has good hands. 

I'm more worried about the PK to be honest. 


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18 minutes ago, debluvscanucks said:

Or just put him on the Bruins.  I'm ok with that.


How about if we get guys to actually move so the other guys also move?  Then we actually stand a chance at getting the puck through to the net?  


Thats crazy talk. Why work any harder than a dart player?

If you can't stop for a smoke, what's the point?

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Why are people worried about net front presences?  Horvat can beat goalies clean from the bumper spot with the best of them and Pete can also tip pucks.  Then again... if you're looking at the following then yes sign me up

Miller -  Bo -   Pete

Gaudette - Boeser - Pearson

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I like the MacEwen in front of the net.  Worth a try.  Also, on the PK the forwards have to hurry the other team and not back up into their own goal crease.  Giving the other team time to see what is available is going to end up with the puck in the back of your net.

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Wait, are we moving away from the original plan?  Drop pass at center, give away at the blue line...records for most shorties against don’t come without effort. 
On second thought, if Meyers is in front of the net there is even less chance he get back to take another penalty in the defensive end. I kid I kid. Special teams need some work and this is far from the worst idea I’ve heard. Personally I would not be gifting Myers time on the power play until he can learn to stay out of the box. I’d give Zack the opportunity first as at least he gives a real effort out there. 

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