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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks @ Winnipeg Jets | January 30, 2021 | 7 p.m. PT | NHLN, CBC, SN, TVAS2

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I've seen enough, I think Green has to play Demko as the hot hand now other than back to backs. Hogz continues to impress and create plays all over the ice. What a complete game, such a different look than the first few of the season. Our team has finally clicked together and arrived. 

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16 minutes ago, Junkyard Dog said:

I think when fans are let back in WHOOP will become a thing in Vancouver.

lol that'd be great.

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19 minutes ago, FijianCanuck said:

Great team win! Boys came out to play! Let's go kill them habs! 

My ex is a hardcore habs fan, I'd be smiling for days!  ;)

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11 minutes ago, Mustard Tiger said:

Prehistoric times probably 


11 minutes ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

30 January 2021?


11 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

It has never happened before under that criteria since Atlanta moved to Winnipeg.

sorry im talking about the old winnipeg jets as well

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4 minutes ago, Darius said:

i have to admit hes my favorite player on the team, by a sliver.  kid is money.  had a couple years probably hampered by that horrible injury he suffered in year one.  i scratched my head every time i saw the trade proposals.  Yeah Keep toffoli  - the older guy that has never outperformed BB, and trade BB for like Jake DeBrusk.   


In about two or three years Toffoli will be drinking herbal tea and rubbing a5-35 on his old joints and Brock will still be lighting it up.



He has the best shot I've seen from a Canuck since Naslund.  Add in the fact he's an absolute beaut off the ice with how what his sister's gone through has shaped him and it's impossible to not love the guy.

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