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[Rumour] Sam Bennett requests trade

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Can they trade him to HC Sibir in the KHL?


Seriously though, I would not do an interdivision trade with the Flames, it's hard enough seeing Markstrom shut us out and then to see Jake pasting Petey into the boards would really suck.

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I think we'd be able to get Bennett if we gave them Gaudette instead of Virtanen. Gaudette is also struggling he's a right-handed shot, he's a better regular season performer but I just think Bennett is such a great fit for his playoff prowess as our 3C, flanking Hoglander/Roussel and Virtanen. 


I feel like we should treat this year as yet another re-tooling year, especially after losing Tanev and Markstrom to Calgary. If we can get a young, premium defender to compliment Hughes that'd be great. We have Hoglander, Podkolzin and Lind coming in to compliment guys like Horvat and Pearson. If we trade Edler, Pearson and retain 50% on Sutter at the deadline, we'd probably be able to recoup some more picks, improve our prospect depth and enter next season as one of the NHL's most improved teams. Whether Benning/Green last through to next season is irrelevant to me as long as we're back as a team that can actually win the Stanley Cup every year for the next 7 years. All I want is one cup that's all and I think if we re-coup some young assets this year I think our chances improve to win with this core(Miller, Pettersson, Horvat, Boeser, Hughes, Schmidt, Demko, maybe Gaudette or Virtanen and of course Alex Edler who will be replaced eventually by Olli Juolevi) improve drastically. 


I think the team that Jim Benning has put together, especially if he can bring in a guy like Danil Chayka, Brandt Clarke, ideally Owen Power or even Edvinsson or Lambos. Lots of good young defenders to pick from this year and with Podkolzin and Hoglander entering the lineup I'm confident that we'll pull to the top of the North division and when things get back to normal the Pacific Division. 

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49 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

Nope makes no sense. Horrible trade.


I can just imagine Virtanen figuring it out in Calgary and Canucks fans whining for the next decade.

And maybe have Tkachuk on the other wing...


                                                regards,  G.

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I think I'd have to pass.


Bennett being a center is the tempting aspect.

His reverse trajectory - not so much. 

If there was more of a hard minutes sample to look at, maybe, but the assumption/idea that he'd make an ideal 3C - is premature imo - and he's played too much wing in recent years to assess.

And although he plays as physical a game as Virtanen, he does so with 30 less pounds on that frame -  and without Virtanen's high end speed.

I think Bennett has actually had more opportunity than Virtanen - and has done less and less with it (small sample playoff perks aside).


Maybe it's just that he's "18 year old" - maybe it's that he's a Lame, or maybe it's that mustache.


The results of these kinds of trades are highly unpredictable - but for me I like the frame, speed and skillset that Virtanen has to work with, I like that he's accepted his role all along (and seems to have respected Green all along).  I also think he's 'young-minded' - so while he may be 24 - I still think it's a bit too premature to do a lateral-at-best project dump kind of deal.


If people are dead set on getting a young potential 3C type - call Snottawa while they're still stung and snap up Nick Paul.


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