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[Speculation] Bo Horvats cousin Travis Konecny a healthy scratch

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Taking a page out of Torts book, AV used to be one of the more loved coaches for sure.


To be fair I don't watch Philly games but if he's rubbish or a defensive liability 5 on 5 then AVs got a point. No point racking up PP points if you're making dumb plays defensively 5 on 5. Still, his stats are better than most of their team.

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Full disclosure - I love AV so that's my 'starting point' - but it's for a lot of reasons.

Sometimes small sample production and +/- don't tell much of the story.


Konecny has been playing with Patrick, Lindblom (and sometime Giroux).

He's geting (probably) the 2nd most opportune minutes among that team's forwards.


His corsi is 42.1% (106 on ice shot attempts against, 77 for).


AV is one of the premier puck possession coaches in the NHL. 

He knows what he's doing, he knows what he sees - and he can undoubtedly identify outlier outcomes, and what players are (and are not) pulling their weight.

An on ice shooting percentage of 18.8% is not going to sustain with that group - so AV probably looks to the longer term likelihood of success when losing the possession game.


If he's had to repeat and repeat himself...what's the next instrument?


He's never been a coach to elevate young players prematurely - but like the present Canucks, he's had about 10 players under the age of 25 in his lineup.

I imagine he's just setting expectations - and not picking favorites.   He's not a coach whose level-headedness I would question.



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1 hour ago, DontMessMe said:

I remember back in 2015 draft this was the guy I wanted. I rmb when we drafted Boeser I was like WHO THE FK IS THIS GUY. COULDVE HAD BO's cousin 

Still woulda been so cool to have Bo and his cousin on the same team.  Of course Brock is the better player, but if we had drafted Konecny I don't think anyone would be too sad about it now.

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