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Kasimir Kaskisuo's Youtube Channel is Pretty Cool

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I wasn't sure if this should be posted in General Hockey Discussion or Off Topic so please move if it's in the wrong forum....


I've been watching Kasimir Kaskisuo's youtube channel and it's got a lot of insightful stuff for life as a "taxi squad"/AHL player. For those who don't know, Kaskisuo is a journeyman goalie who was in the Toronto Maple Leafs system for the last 5 seasons or so but just signed a contract this season to be the 4th stringer for Nashville. He does a good job on his channel bringing people into what life is like being one of the fringe guys. Was curious if anybody else has been watching, it's cool and insightful and I like that he's doing this. He's not the most charismatic guy but he kind of gives off earnest Tyler Motte vibes.


Here's the channel for those interested in watching:



He seems to upload once a week and, given how lightning fast NHL news is compared to his upload schedule, as of this post, he's been called up to the taxi squad with Connor Ingram entering the NHL substance abuse program.


Figured I'd share.

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