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Happy Birthday, Tyler Myers!

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1 hour ago, apollo said:

Dear Tyler, :wub:


Wishing you the happiest of birthdays champ. The true fans love you and support you. :towel:


Thank you for all you've done for us in a short time. Thank you for being #1 Dman on free agent frenzy and CHOOSING us. Thank you for rejecting 7 year 7AAV deal and taking a big home town discount and coming to the province you love at only 5 years 6aav when you had plenty of better offers


Thank you for not letting these countless trolls and their negative comments get to you. 


Ps sorry if you hear any of the trolls. Please know that the true fans have supported you from the start. 


Also thank for winning the calder... Something Crosby and Gretzky could never do. 


Ice Hockey Sport GIF by NHL

Ice Hockey Sport GIF by NHL


<3 calder Myers rising! 

Even though I'd like his contract to be 5Mx6, it sure is nice to have such a beautiful province attract free agents. BC is a gem.

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One of those players that under appreciated as hell. Logs huge minutes. Has the rough game here and there but not as much as people make it out to be. Guess that’s what happens when your the biggest guy on the ice. To all the haters watch how much you miss him if he gets injured and is out of the line-up. Hope he stays healthy though.


Happy Birthday 

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1 hour ago, ruilin96 said:

Get a GWG in Montreal tonight, that will drive those Habs fan insane as they are still up set about Myers hit on Armia!

Would be hilarious if Myers clocked him again.  :-p


p.s. - Happy birthday TM!

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