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GOAT by Number - 0/00


Goat by Number - 0/00  

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I think this can be a fun series.  CDC will vote for who they think the GOAT is to wear that number.  After you vote you can nominate one player from the NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, Soccer, Wildcard.  Example is in the spoiler!


Nomination for #4


NHL - Bobby Orr

NBA - Moses Malone

NFL - Brett Favre

MLB - Lou Gehrig

Soccer - Sergio Ramos

Wildcard - Charles Barkley


Previous GOATs



Comment who you voted for and want to nominate for #1.

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3 hours ago, BoKnows said:

Never heard of most of those guys in the OP. Is Jim Otto any relation to Joel? :rolleyes:

Tell you what - in the spirit of being helpful I'll offer up some names that we who don't call in to sports radio quiz shows might have heard of


Nominations for #1

NHL - Gretzky, of course.

NBA - That guy who played the Geni in Kazzam.

NFL - OJ Simpson

MLB - Pete Rose

Soccer - Pele...no wait...that kid from Vancouver Whitecaps who got snapped up to play in Europe. But just because he's from Vancouver.

And come to think of it GC 16...is 0 even a number? I think I've heard an argument about that.

Sorry about that BoKnows. I clicked in here by mistake, thinking it was Hockey GOAT.



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6 hours ago, BoKnows said:

Voted for Melo


Nominations for #1

NHL - Jacques Plante

NBA - Oscar Robertson 

NFL - Warren Moon

MLB - Ozzie Smith

Soccer - Peter Schmeichel

Wildcard - Roberto Luongo

Melo was 15 in his prime (Denver) and then 7 in his other teams.  Ironically, his teammate who sports #0, Damian Lillard, probably deserves to be on this list instead due to his clutchness. In fact I'd swap out Melo and Russ for Dame and Kevin Love (3rd star in Cleveland but was a #1 while in Minnesota, plus he's not a problem like Westbrook is).


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