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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks @ Toronto Maple Laffs | February 4, 2021 | 4 p.m. PT | SNP

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When you build a slow soft team you get slow soft hockey.’

still the easiest team to play.

motte the only guy that hits

team that are quick have no problem against this capped out mess. 
Sooner JBs gone the better. FA would be wise to get rid of him before he does something stupid.... again. 

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Just now, PhillipBlunt said:

Aqulini will figure it out. 

Grass isnt always green on the otherside - (our quiet) Asst GM Weisbrod (I hope not).  Imo, JB deserves some slack but if it is his decision in how FA turned out he needs to come clean with the team and sell them his vision - team needs to know that management has there back....

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2 minutes ago, Monty said:

Tyler Myers - 6M 
Loui Eriksson - 6M 
Brandon Sutter - 4.375M
Michael Ferland - 3.5M
Roberto Luengo 3M
Antoinne Roussel - 3M
Jay Beagle - 3M 
Jordie Benn - 2M 
Sven Bartschi 2.291M
Ryan Spooner - 1.033M

How many of those will be off the books after this SHORTEN season ?

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1 minute ago, J-Strap said:

Nucks need to grow a pair....wimps don't win 

That image of Brad Marchand speed bagging Daniel in the finals is exactly what’s been wrong with this team for 10 years. That negative image has followed us around for too long. To quote the late great Owen Hart, “enough is enough and it’s time for a change!”

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6 minutes ago, luckylager said:

They're not playing for anything.

They're exhausted for one, but they look like a team that doesn't believe in what they're doing.

That's on the staff 

Hard to execute a system tou have  no faith in. Might explain their careless approach to playing. 

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