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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks @ Toronto Maple Laffs | February 6, 2021 | 4 p.m. PT | NHLN, CBC, TVAS, SN, CITY

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56 minutes ago, 180sret said:

I love these guys on here that have all the answers! I've said it before, they've had some success and are cheating for offence. When they start thinking D first the rest of their game should improve. Also about firing all management, I don't believe JB or TG would be out of a job long. These guys are respected in the NHL circles, just not by media or CDC. It's a rough year for the young un's, so pull up your big boy panties buttercups, there may be some pain as they figure it out. Changing coach or Manager this year will probably not improve the on ice product. But keep crying if you must!

JB wouldn’t be out of a job long? Are there many openings for Zamboni drivers?

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Makes no sense that Bailey rafferty rathbone OJ Big Mac aren’t  getting more valuable experience so we aren’t forced to sign ufa plugs/fillers.

the short sighted group from management to coaches continues. 
Cant see van adapting or adjusting since they haven’t in 4 years. 
The rely on the goaltender to win the game is the system. 
the d should keep pinching on every shift and getting burned on every shift.

And motte is the only one allowed to throw a body check. 
let’s not forget the mandatory blue line cross ice passes/ giveaways 

and the slow motion drop pass on the pp.( if we get one) and make sure no one goes to the front of the net it makes it hard to pass around the perimeter till they lose it. 

the game plan wouldn’t be complete if Edler And Myers did get skated around and stood motionless in front of their own net while TO scores. 

8-2 TO

Nucks are built soft and slow and play soft and slow.




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3 hours ago, CanucksCountry said:

It's not just one game is the thing i follow the comets closely this is an issue with he is absolute dumpster fire in his own zone, i am guessing if you can't play D in the ahl your more then likley not playing good enough D to play in the nhl. Benn is a better option then Raftery 1000% at least Benn will drop the mits, only thing Raferty drops is a load of dog$&!# in his own zone, your 100% correct this D isn't good enough but it won't make it any better by playing another Dman that's a lability in his own zone  

Rafferty does not have nhl calibre defensive skills.  Chatfield needs to just not play another game at all this year.   The teams best options are probably Brisebois and hope Joulevi keeps improving.  And also hope Hamonic gets back to playing the way he can after the year long layoff.

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34 minutes ago, EddieVedder said:

Mac should be in the lineup at all times no matter what.

Really dissapointed in Gaudettes play this year.  

Gaud last year was seeing the ice well at the o zone end , but this year is just not covering his man well at all. Lots of plays failed. Lanes not covered etc

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3 hours ago, khay said:

We all know there is one way to win a game against a team that plays faster than you. Do what Bruins did to us in 2011 SCF and LA in 2012.


You just have to grind it out and lay the body. Make them play slow by hitting them. I get that our players are tired from the crazy schedule but we have to hit and take the body every single time or else we are losing. 


We gave up way too much time and space; when 38/39 year old slowed down Spezza is getting a hat trick, you know you've given them too much time and space.

Makes sense but the majority of these Nucks dont want to hit consistently, dont want to skate, look to make the cute highlight wheel play rather then the tough hard play and have zero resolve to fight back when it gets difficult.  

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