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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks @ Toronto Maple Laffs | February 8, 2021 | 4 p.m. PT | TVAS, SNP

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1 hour ago, PetterssonOrPeterson said:

Yes and keep oozing that inferiority complex that Vancouverites have to Toronto when they don't care.

I love the BC pride, but this need to be "better" than any other region when people from those areas don't even think twice about Vancouver is laughable.

the ironing is delicious.

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19 minutes ago, Setyoureyesontheprize said:

We have the whole league right where we want them, believing we are a crap team before surging back to go on a huge run. Good plan boys! 

The ol’ St. Louis ploy, love it but there is one deed we have to take care of first to make it work.

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3 hours ago, PhillipBlunt said:

Truly. They have talent and skill to spare, but they’re seemingly just a bunch of lazy, overpaid vets mixed in with entitled lazy young core players. No one wants to work hard on this team. No one wants to sacrifice their body to make a play or defend a teammate outside of Jordie Benn. This team deserves to fail and deal with the fallout from being a bunch of individuals instead of a real team. 

which of the young core players do you believe are "entitled" and "lazy"?

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2 hours ago, Moe Knows said:

Why is Juolevi on the taxi squad? In 7 games he had 1 goal and was +2. Chatfield has 0 pts and -7 in 9 games. Unless he's hurt this makes little sense to me. Am I missing something here?

It would be a good question to ask -  if Van media were in the habit of asking good questions.


My guess would be that with Hamonic out and Chatfield stepping in at RHD - they felt the need to utilize (the veteran) Benn - to play with Hughes (he's was good initially, but not quite sustaining lately).  

I don't think it's a performance issue (Juolevi's) as much as trying to balance their pairs and perhaps not being willing/able to roll with a young D on every pairing...

They're already very young imo with a rookie and sophomore in the lineup....with youth on every line as well on most nights.

And in spite of Chatfield's (misleading imo) surface statistics, he's been comparably good (relative to Juolevi) in arguably more difficult circumstances.

That would be my guess/take - not knowing of course what Green and Co. do - or what the grounding of the decision is.

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15 minutes ago, Provost said:

This is the Canucks... that means we are going to win this game just enough that no one gets fired, then reel off another losing streak, winning just enough to be paralyzed by indecision and not fix anything.


I remember a few years ago at the end of the season and we were far outside the playoffs, we did one of this killer California road trips that always resulted in zero points for us.

We decided to win them all and screw our chances at a better lottery pick... because of course that is when we would win.

There are a thousand examples of exceeding expectations in the past as well.  You are choosing to select a vague example to make a point that the Canucks are victims.


They are not. We are a team building to be better who needs another year or two to clear some cap and mature some players. 


All will be good partner. I feel your pain but listen, we are honestly on the way up. Patience grasshopper.




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