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(Rumour) Virtanen on the trade block

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12 minutes ago, GarthButcher5 said:

Heinen was traded from Boston in a hockey trade. He never stops giving everything he has every game.


Being his third team in not an indictment of the player, this happens often

If Heinen has a motor like Motte, then I'd take that trade in a heartbeat. 

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1 minute ago, BPA said:

Lol.  I must have saw someone else's stats. 


You are correct.  JV is listed as 226lbs.  Geez.  With his size, JV should be steamrolling players.

If only Motte or Hog had his body. Need to pull some freaky Friday voodoo spell or something.

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40 minutes ago, BPA said:

Those guys are pretty consistent 40pt players.


JV and Heinen are avg 30pt players.  But doing poorly this year.  About the same height and weight.   JV is younger by a year at 24.

Heinen uses his size better imo

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Just now, canuck2288 said:

Yeah i don't mind him but he is also going to be a rfa 


need to be understand his drop off in points over the years 



Consistent effort every night, not worried about Heinen. Jake drops to passenger far too often. 

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14 minutes ago, canuck2288 said:

I get Jake has not done much but it also feels like Green and JB are throwing him under the bus as a smokescreen to cover up their own incompetence 

Your need to blame Green for everything under the sun is showing.

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Virtanen is what he is, people really need to get over the Cam Neely trade.


If he magically turns into a beast, so be it; nothing he's shown here really makes anyone believe that and his trade value will reflect that.


We should have accepted the sunk cost long ago, especially this off-season where every cap dollar was more important than ever.


Benning did well by cutting his losses on, for example, the Gudbranson/Pearson trade (well, after the dumb extension, anyway). Same should have been done with Virtanen a long time ago.

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7 minutes ago, canuck73_3 said:

Jake’s on ice performance has been underwhelming for 6 years

Agree but when he is on pins and needles every shift because his coach is looking for fault its not easy


unless your name is Rousel in which case you do anything without having to be accountable 


i just have a gut feel we wait until our new coach has a chance with Jake 

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36 minutes ago, Junkyard Dog said:

He isn't as much of a physical player but can probably be a bit better offensively.




Doesn’t hit as much as Jake but can use his size when needed, effort never an issue in games I’ve watched. Admittedly I have seen him less as a Duck but watched him regularly in Boston stands out in a good way most nights. 

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Heinen is Ryan Spooner 2.0 to me:  a none too big, non-physical finesse player who has to be scoring and playing in a top six role to be effective.  If not, he's just deadweight to the team.  If that happens, the only silver lining would be that we can at least shed his contract at the end of the year without having to buy him out (ala Spooner).

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If we were to get Heinen, we need to beef up that third line In the offseason in the worst way. I would overpay for Lowry.  We need a third line that can not only chip in offensively, but make it hard on the opposition. 

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