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We need a President of Hockey Ops

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On 2/10/2021 at 10:40 AM, DSVII said:

Was listening to this segment from 650 and honestly think this has been a problem going back to Gillis, but regardless of what we feel about management, it's impossible to really have an accurate picture of how much of the moves were the GM or ownership's meddling. Say what you will about Trevor, but he at least acted as a shield between ownership and operations and provided some structure to how things are run.


Whatever changes need to be done, at a bare minimum, we need to bring in an experienced President of Hockey Ops that can insulate the team from the owner and not have Benning assume dual roles of Prez/GM. And if we clean house, we need to do what Pittsburgh has done and hire a GM and President at once.


We may not have Eugene Melnyk level ownership, and frankly, that is a low bar, but we are subtly inching closer to Jerry Jones level of ownership here if any of the reports over the last few years is accurate about Aquilini influencing the Virtanen pick, the Eriksson/Myers signing, and denying trades.



BTW..............Isn't it called "Hockey OOPS" here in Vancouver ???

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I tend to think JB appreciates loyalty more than a good sounding board, a bit like Trump really. Loyalty comes 1st, 2nd the 3rd with smarts falling to an also ran category.:) So an overlord situation wouldn't unfortunately serve a lot of purpose, not that it isn't a good idea, it's a great idea just wasted 

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