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MacEwen's Mom: "Kinda hard to be a difference maker when you only get to play under 4 minutes..."

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It's patently clear that JB is trying to design the ultimate race car to win a full F1 season; whereas Green is desperately running 'round like a pit crew member with his hair on fire.


Their time-lines/approaches are too at odds(even within the context of most GM/coach; long-short view contrasts)

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The Canucks play the 3rd least amount of minutes at 5 on 5 at 45 minutes per game. If you don't play on the PP or PK that is really going to impact your ice time but, even at that, I would expect every player to get at least 7-10 minutes per game. As other posters have mentioned, this would be even more realistic with such a condensed schedule.

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Just now, luckylager said:

Great way to wear out the opposition D while playing a dump and chase system eh... bench your most physical player.

Makes sense.

MacEwen in his limited time went after Giordano a couple of times and Hanifin too. 




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