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[Waivers] Alex Galchenyuk (CAR), Paul Byron (MTL), Par Lindholm, Danny Dekeyser and Gabriel Carlsson (CBJ) are on waivers.

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4 minutes ago, Teemu Selänne said:

Paul Byron over Eriksson while Motte is on IR!!!!


Edit: didn't realize his cap hit, damn. Wouldn't work

Did you see Eriksson last night? He looked like a 6 million dollar man.

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1 minute ago, khay said:

Holy $hit, didn't realize his cap hit was 3.4 mil. 



And two more years after this.


Fans are already complaining we have too many bottom 6 guys making over 3 mil. Not too sure adding another would go over too well.

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The more I think about it the more I think Benning makes a claim on Carlsson.


Big stay at home D man that can skate, is on a cheap contract, and is right in the perfect age range. 

Former first round pick who has played at every tournament for Sweden. 

Easily worth a look, and would allow Brisebois to go to Utica and get some playing time.

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5 hours ago, Nicklas Bo Hunter said:

He is a canuck killer so might as well get him. 


Claim gally and then trade gaudette+ to get fabbro


Trade for all the Canuck killers, watch them play poorly as Canucks.


Canuck luck. :(

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Gally would look nice in a nuux uni.


Worth a shot if bailey is out for a bit. I wouldn't be surprised to see Calgary claim him if not.


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damn, they should have claimed galchenyuk and then thrown league minimum at yakupov to lure him away from lady footlocker or wherever the hell he's at these days. 

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20 hours ago, Sbriggs said:

Good trade partner for Erikson

Thought so too, but apparently (besides wearing one) his back injury and his recovery from it are major red flags.  Wings fans seem to be saying he's not the guy he used to be (stable top-4 D-man) and only the medical staff could verify whether he'll likely get back to that previous form or not.  

Could be a win though if we acquire him for LE, then he doesn't play well but gets injured, and then we can send him and Ferland to Robidas Island.

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Another one of those players that was good at the WJC, crazy Galchenyuk dropped as far as he has.  Guess he hasnt been committed enough, remember when Montreal media kept asking if he'd play centre and Bergevin and Julien both kept saying he's a winger.  

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