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Nico Hischier named Devils captain

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17 minutes ago, Dazzle said:

To be fair, NJ sucks. It's hard to elevate your game with such unexciting pieces.

They’ve actually been fun to watch this season.  Lots of young players/rookies in the lineup and Ruff is allowing them to make mistakes and playing very fast paced.  Everyone is buying in.  Too bad Covid stopped their season.  In points percentage they are currently 3rd in their division at 0.636 (before today’s game).  They are also 2-0-1 vs powerhouse Boston this season.  

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34 minutes ago, -AJ- said:

Surprising, but tbh I don't know that much about him. Maybe he's a Horvat type. He's been a pretty consistent 2nd line forward, though I've always hoped he could become a 1st-line guy.

Fwiw Sportlogiq who is a tracking company had him among their top-16 for the Selke last season.  No one on Vancouver made the list.  Hischier is their solid two-way C that takes their toughest matchups.  Hynes his 1st season said he never sheltered him and immediately started playing him against the other teams top line.  The high end offence is expected to be Jack Hughes.


Him getting the C was rather expected.  Coaching staff, teammates and former GM Ray Shero were already talking about his leadership his first few weeks.  Ken Daneko couldn’t seem to stop talking of how impressed he was by how Hischier stood up for his teammates and how accountable he was.  NJD talks of how there a lot of teams who have a lot of good players but some of those teams don’t excel because they have not created the right culture.   He embodies that brotherhood and accountability culture that they push.


In one of his early games Palmieri gets kneed by Erik Johnson and Hischier went straight after him as a rookie.  Another game Troy Brouwer bumped Blackwood and Hischier immediately jumped Brouwer.  Hynes complained that they were taking too many penalties, he takes one and when coming back to the bench tells Hynes to bench him. 

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People are sleeping on New Jersey. Everyone thought after they drafted Hughes that they were going to be a playoff contender (which was unrealistic imho), and, unsurprisingly, after they had a bad season last year everyone has forgotten about them. Funny how the tables turn....


Building a team takes time and it's a process (Gillis :ph34r:). Along with Montreal, I think they had the best offseason of all the teams in the league. They had a good free agency period and a stellar draft. Also, Blackwood is a STUD with all capitals letters. He's my third string in fantasy. :lol:


The Devils are on the rise, and as mentioned above, the team's fully buying into Ruff's system. 

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