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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Winnipeg Jets | February 21, 2021 | 7 p.m. PT | SNP NHLN

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This “coaching staff” simply can not manage a hockey game while it’s happening 


we had them on the ropes 2-0 and we needed to roll 4 lines and grind them down. Basic hockey 


But instead, our geniuses decide to shorten the bench which in stops the hitting and tires out top end. We turn soft and it flips the game


trying to “defend” a 2-0 in the second period is ridiculous and it tells your team the coaches have zero trust in line 4


but what do I know? Green and his staff are so nice and amazing. Clearly the future is bright with the team in their hands 


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Super disappointing result.  I was too grumpy to post earlier.  We definitely had the better of the play, but can't seem to finish or get a save.  Kiss the playoffs goodbye if that doesn't change massively and immediately.  And I don't expect it to.

Still, some good things are happening.  We are slowly learning to play better defense now that we don't have Markstrom to bail us out.  Our puck support and play as a 5 man unit is way better, and we aren't getting outshot every night as a result, like we did frequently even at the height of our play in the bubble.  Our forecheck and tenacity on the puck are great.  But all of this isn't translating into goals and saves.  Some of that is bad luck (Petterson) and some of it is bad form (Miller),

So we're not exactly tanking but not getting results either.  If we integrate rookies like Hoglander and Juolevi, and get a high draft pick it won't be the worst thing.  But yeah, I expected better.

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57 minutes ago, IBatch said:

I don't know ... is that BB?   Looks to have pretty good form pushing off with his arms after wiping out first flip - didn't nail the landing - where do you guys find these things - freaking hilarious stuff 


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7 hours ago, janisahockeynut said:

Well, here is my 2 cents worth


- Virtanen did not loose us the game.............he was not on for a goal, either way

- Gaudette did not loose us the game

- McEwen did not loose us  the game

- Beagle did not loose us the game

- Roussel did not loose us the game

- Sutter did not loose us the game

- Pearson did not loose us the game

- Hoglander did not loose us the game

- Horvat did not loose us the game

- Benn did not loose us the game

- Hughes did not loose us the game

- Juolevi did not loose us the game

- Myers did not loose us the game


That leaves Boeser, Pettersson, Miller, Edler, Schmidt and Holtby, who collectively got beat by their checks


That is up to Green to figure out............he is the coach, it is his job to figure it out


IMO, this year our goaltending, if average, would have given us 2 more wins, which makes us  .500 winning percentage (10 - 10 -2 )

If we get Markstrom type saves, we take 3 more wins............. .550 winning percentage (11 -9 - 2 )


That is our Achilles heel this year......... that and coaching decisions


What scares me the most is who the Canucks are using as our PK personel.....................Beagle, Roussel, Sutter and Miller

No young guys apprenticing................so in 2 years, who do we have to kill penalties?

The same culprits. 3 lazy forwards, one super slow dman, and one dman who just finds a way to be the last guy on a lot of goals.

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34 minutes ago, apollo said:

How about that hustle by Brocky to force the delayed of game penalty to tie the game? 


Team is playing some incredible hockey. It's only a matter of time before we start stacking up the W's


I like our chances. Get into the playoffs then win the cup. 

Incredible hockey? How so? 

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5 hours ago, RU SERIOUS said:

Not quite.  I think LE is his last option.  In any event Lazy Jake did absolutely nothing again tonight.   I can't even remember him being on the ice once - to be honest. 

He must be invisible.

I think JV and co only got 6-7min last night.

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10 hours ago, MikeyD said:

We had to suffer years of listening to people tell us about how good of a coach he was, let us have our time. 

Sounds like cancel culture revenge or some idiotic strategy.



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The recent 2 goal lead collapses are definitely a little hard to take.


It seems like we carry the play for the majority of the game and as soon as we have a mind fart, it's in the back of our net.


This is all part of the process.  As much as I hate to admit it, this reminds me of the Maple Leafs from a few years ago.

I do like the push back from our bottom 6 tonight during key moments when momentum was starting to turn against us.


I do think these experiences will make us better down the road.


I would say that we've outplayed our opponent every game since the last Maple Leafs game.  Yes it sounds like a crappy moral victory but that's pretty solid for a team to continue putting out high effort.  Our guys will realize that this is what we need to do game in and game out


I dont think we came into this season ready after having a great play ins and a solid showing in the playoffs last year.

This season has brougt them back into reality which is good for a young team to learn.


Anyway, game was very entertaining.

THought Brock was awesome and showed good hustle.

Petey still fumbling a bit despite 2 goals and a post which is pretty amazing (that he can do even better)


Myers has looked solid for the past stretch of games.

I think he's been a beaut.


And that fight by Mac was awesome.  Smile on Hog's face was priceless


This team is coming together!



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9 hours ago, janisahockeynut said:



That leaves Boeser, Pettersson, Miller, Edler, Schmidt and Holtby, who collectively got beat by their checks


these guys didn't lose us the game either. A very good shot in 3 on 3 did. 

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