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Possibly an unpopular opinion, but..

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5 hours ago, grandmaster said:

This poll is dumb. Why have a poll when you can’t see the opposing side? :picard:

I agree.  Where's the option of "No F'ing Way Hose' - get the F^<k outta here  NOW !"  and the "-1 option" to give him the boot before the seasons out. 


     This Poll is so one sided it must have been posted by Travis Agent or himself!

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5 hours ago, Elias Pettersson said:

So Benning drafted all of these great young players but we are supposed to throw him to the curb so somebody else can finish the job?  What about if the new person we hire doesn't like these great young players?  What if he decides he doesn't like Petey and Hughes?  What if he wants his own guys?  Would you be okay if somebody new came in and started a new rebuild from scratch and traded all these guys or does the new guy need to sign a contract stating all the great young core players are untouchable?


The fact of the matter is if a new GM is hired there is a real possibility that he will want to build the team his own way and may not like some of the guys on your list that Benning drafted.  That is the risk you take by bringing in a new guy.

so should we sign benning to a contract extension as long as petey and hughes too then because a new GM may not want them? wth logic is this.

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I'd say wait until the end or near the end of the season.


If we are signing people based on achievements, there really isn't many reason to re-sign Green so far.


His only achievement is advancing to the 2nd round of the playoffs in COVID year with extended playoff format on the back of great goaltending.


I'd re-sign him without a doubt if he can get us to the playoffs this season and get the team to outperform the expectations, say go to the 3rd round. In fact, going to the 3rd round would be a strong reason to re-sign him as he has proven himself from a young coach with potential to a proven coach that delivers in the playoffs.


If the team continues to play a lot better moving forward but barely miss the playoffs, that's something to think about. I'd consider re-signing him if there are no candidate clearly better. 


If the team falters, then let him walk and Green will realize his potential elsewhere. This is the way things work in the coaching business -- the winningest coach we had, AV, had a losing record in his first few years as HC of an NHL team only to realize his potential with the Moose first then with the Canucks. I think Green does have potential but his time may run out and he will have to realize his potential elsewhere. 


But as this thread is a joke, made in a joking manner to make people laugh and ridicule the post content as well as the creator of the post, I'd respond full of joke that we re-sign Green to a perpetual contract with the salary of $10 per hour (whatever is the minimum wage) to stand in behind the bench as a guest coach while the real head coach, whoever we hire, does the job. All he has to do is say some harsh words at no one in particular whenever the refs make a penalty call against us. Like, stare blankly into the crowd and yell, "F*ck you refs!" 


Note: my response is not a sleight towards Green, although I don't think he is a great coach just yet, he does have potential and he is highly respectable person and a coach. It's just that the OP has been making absurd threads and make unrealistic and seemingly unsubstantiated claims like the fact that 30 other teams might try and take Green from us, btw, why 30? Why not all 31? So such an absurd response should satisfy the poster that created this thread or he might be sad. Just doing my part to keep people happy on CDC.


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9 hours ago, Toyotasfan said:

Outside of Scotty Bowman , what coach in history suddenly gets better after 3 years and wins a championship in his 4th - 6th year ? 

Face reality.  It’s over for Green , I hope he enjoys his last 30 games.

Barry Trotz...ok well that's more like a decade plus ... The best coaches adapt to the times they live in, why Babcock doesn't have a job right now despite where he is on the leaderboard.    A lot of coaches had long runs without a cup, most of those did have a final or two though - Quin, Burns, Ruff etc...

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I was firmly on the keep Green bandwagon, until this year. I'm not switching sides and saying he needs to be fired immediately, but its pretty obvious theres going to be some change on the horizon and now I'm in the "let the chips fall where they may" camp. I have no idea whats going on behind the scenes in that locker room but its clear somethings wrong in the state of Denmark.

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