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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Edmonton Oilers | February 23, 2021 | 7 p.m. PT | SN

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Giving up that end of period goal was telling. It was a lazy play going back into their bad habits. I knew it wasn't over and nux needed to score again. But they can't even get one. 


Poor leadership. Not green or JB. 


Someone needs to go. Miller, Bo, Edler. Pick one. 

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1 minute ago, J-Strap said:

I think “suck” is the word you were looking for

im trying to be positive here strap.   40 years of sitting here like a jack o lantern in front of radios, tube Tvs and now HD ...waiting for the big one.  Looks like we are at least a couple years out from even thinking about it.

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4 minutes ago, Trebreh said:

Green saved his timeout for the post game interview.

He needs to give his 'Strong Fast Team' line a bit of rest. 

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Taking hard. 

At least  I’m hopeful that we will win one of the top three picks this year and add a star player like the stars and the jets did with Heiskanen and Laine. 

come back strong next season. 

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2 minutes ago, Heretic said:

Disagree.   Coaches can only do so much - they can't be on the ice playing with heart (like say the 94 Canucks).


The players are to blame.  Period.  Not the coaches, not the management, not the refs, not the zamboni driver.  The players.


Multi million dollar contracts and playing like they are in the AHL...

Have to agree to disagree then. 


HORRENDOUS PP deployments.


No timeout to re-group despite momentum shifting after the 2-3 goal, or even the 3-3 goal. 


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I’m over losing Marky.

I’m slowly getting over losing Tanev.

Toffoli - I think the team might be missing you the most. 


The feeling that this team can practically score at will to close out &/or come back in games,...is gone. Confidence & swagger is perhaps a commodity that the Canucks need most.


I blame Benning. Pull the chute, FA.


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2 minutes ago, hockeyville88 said:

This team is a joke. They've mailed it in. They should be embarrassed to be marketing these reverse retro jerseys. Why would you expect fans to pay $200 in the middle of the pandemic for a jersey that the team didn't win any games in, during a season that's just been a debacle!?

What a marketing debacle in timing bringing out the RR jerseys for a not just a losing streak, but an embarrassing one full of blown leads. Probably not the players favourite to wear.

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2 minutes ago, We_Are_All_Canucks_4_life said:

How many new players have we brought it with the same results, and since they can't get rid of the team the coaches will be gone first. And green not having an extension yet is probably a good sign they are leaning that way.

How many coaches have we had? 

How many cups have we won?


Yeah, I agree, easier to get rid of coaches then players...but it's not going to make a difference...

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Green will make up more excuses and BS , i cant wait to hear what he will say , hes like a broken record, and u can already guess what is interview will be...


Ownership needs to put his friendship asside and do something, trade miller and others for more up and coming talent and hopefully next year or the year after we wont be such a joke.....but this year is done for, theres like ZERO chance of making the playoffs, so lets focus on the rebuilding road, the team we have now isnt working

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It’s amazing that when they have possession in the offensive zone for a certain amount of time but not a single shot on goal. 

i mean what kind of system is this?

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7 minutes ago, Trebreh said:

"They got the bounces" 

Ouch that one hurt.  This time up 3 to 0 and don't score again and lose 4 to 3.  


Ok I don't want to keep talking about Green so I wont talk about how coaching consistently fails us in our ability to find a way to either hold a lead or come back from being scored on first. 


What I will say is this.  If we keep Green and this keeps happening how much damage is going to be done to the young guys on this team?  I get that nobody ever wants to change a coach any more cuz that could be possibly a tough choice in a world where nobody wants to make tough choices.  But if we don't is that actually going to result in deep divisions in this team as they get worse and worse?


At what point is it worse to hang onto a coach than to jettison him even if you don't have another one to go to? 



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I hope management shows Horvat some videos of some good captains this off season.

Have some piss and vinegar, and show some passion.



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5 minutes ago, xereau said:

This team has an identity, and its both soft and brown.


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Was sure the picture was going to be poop. Lol

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