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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Edmonton Oilers | February 23, 2021 | 7 p.m. PT | SN

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9 minutes ago, hockeyville88 said:

Absolutely correct. It's a shame because I actually really love the jerseys

they were growing on me for sure.  They really pop on TV.  I like that there is more green to go with the blue. I even like the fade.  Never liked the salmon pink fades, but blue and green Sprite fade works where it is.

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Just now, grandmaster said:

I don’t know. He must realize he is gonna get the axe. He might not care so much about the future 

Will he even have the power to make trades though.. 

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2 minutes ago, grandmaster said:

I don’t know. He must realize he is gonna get the axe. He might not care so much about the future 

Aquilini won’t pay two GMs for two years.


Only move that could be made is firing the coach.


Probably won’t save the season but at least it lets the incoming coach get familiar with his players and get a jump start on next season.


Absolutely not point riding out a lame duck coaches contract.

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24 minutes ago, b3. said:

You can’t do anything but just laugh at this team now.


Zero point in getting upset, nothing is going to change.

This team has zero leadership and has accepted losing.

 @b3. , I totally agree with the lack of leadership.


I'm not mad at Marky and Tanev leaving at all, but those two were locker room pillars.


Like seriously, who do we have now that is mentoring our young stars? JT Miller? His on ice laziness and temper tantrums aren't very attractive to the young guys, especially Brock, Petey, and Hughes.


All of our other vets aren't good enough (Benn, Rous, Beags, Sutter), are too new to form meaningful bonds (Schmidt), or are too young (Horvat).


Who do we have taking these guys under their wing on and off the ice? No one.


To further prove your point... why is there no pushback? Why are we seeing the same result of leading hockey games yet coming out with the L? 


The answer is there is NO ONE HOLDING THE YOUNG GUYS ACCOUNTABLE at the end of the day. That's why were seeing the same mistakes repeated game in game out, over and over again.


I truly believe leadership is the issue.


Also, flame away but I think Bo was forced into the Captaincy a little too early. The fanbase wanted another Trevor Linden and thrusted that label on him. He doesnt seem like the guys to 'take the bull by the horns'. I love Bo and hes very skilled, but maybe he wasn't ripe enough to be a captain yet.

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I still think this team has more of a personel issue then a coaching problem.  Our bottom 6 is slow and aged out and there is too much pressure on the lotto line to carry this team every night offensively. Our pairings on D aren’t much better. 

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13 minutes ago, Trebreh said:

My interest for the rest of the season was already low, but now it's completely gone. We need all 4 points in this mini series just to stay alive and we blew it away. 


JB (if he still has trading powers) must sell all pending UFAs to any takes. 


Trade Miller and his pouting ass to Buffalo or something. He doesn't deserve to play for us. I was so wrong about his character. 


what a waste of a season. 


Gaudette for a 3rd, Virtanen for a 5th, Roussel for a 6th, Edler for a 2nd. 

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2 minutes ago, khay said:



don’t care if he pouted or not. When he was here, he played hard. 



unfortunately 'played hard' combined with pouting harder included squeezing the life out of his stick, failing to play with linemates, and endless feeble long distance wristers without a prayer....which is not to say that Kesler wasn't a great player when he wasn't constipated.  I'd take Miller's grumpy energy over Kesler's.  At the same time I'd take either over Luongo's truly pouty energy - he's the guy I wish had more figher/anger inside (a fire that I love about Markstrom).

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Whelp, I don't even know what to say anymore. That was painful. Miller needs to stop whining.


See you guys next game.


*also, sit Roussel ffs.

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8 minutes ago, oldnews said:

Kesler was the biggest pouter in franchise history.

And you probably dip your pizza in ketchup.

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3 minutes ago, JoshuaGuy said:

Juolevi, Motte, Horvat and Gaudette too. 

No time to move on from Horvat. 

For the right price off course. We are wasting his prime and he can get us some much needed asset. Frankly he is playing like a very underwhelming 2nd line center. Ain't even close to Kesler. 


Gaud is a hot piece of farbage so trade him for any pick we can get. 

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