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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Edmonton Oilers | February 23, 2021 | 7 p.m. PT | SN

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5 minutes ago, JoshuaGuy said:

The consistently stupid plays, like sending it back down low in your own zone, under pressure no less, that make me think they're being told to do these things. Ozone is always skate into corner, pass back to point, like 90% of the time. No more creative ozone time to be seen. Ring it around the boards everywhere to a surprised player and by the time he gets control he's fully covered. Its the same every game. 

Replied to wrong post but good points

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On 2/22/2021 at 6:15 PM, Kakanucks said:

I just finished watching last night's game.


Play OJ on PK over Benn, he showed to be quite good at it during Edler's injury stint.


Also, is there a need for Miller to be doing both PK and PP1?? If he needs to be on the PK, then shift him to PP2 have Pearson or Hog on PP1. Last game he was out there for all 2min of PP then followed immediately being on the ice for the PK. Wtf was that? who deploys the PK? one of your PKers was just on the ice for a full 2 min and you put him right back out there to PK??? Absolutely mind boggling.

you know those of us who want the coaching staff fired, its not just cuz we don't like their uglyfaces

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1 minute ago, Devron44 said:

Losing. Miller doesn’t like to lose and maybe he wears it on his shoulders the wrong way

Miller hasn't been his best, but he's still working out there and putting in an effort


He's been producing as well 


Dude hates to lose and perhaps he handles it in a way some fans aren't keen on, I haven't really had an issue with him


He hates losing the way Kesler hated losing, but at least you can tell he hates losing 

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Continued loses like this has got to be on the coaches.


I have been noticing for quite a few games now the lazy, zero hustle line changes. That has to be one of 2 things. Over played and tired or no commitment to the game. 

Green cannot continue to play 2.5 line hockey and having Hughes playing that much time. We need 4 lines and all 6 D playing.

The more I watch the more I am being converted to the Fire Green side.

Benning has put together a really good looking team but this is just getting sad.

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2 minutes ago, 24K PureCool said:

We are literally in the basement based on point% with Detroit. We are at 2016/2017 level bad.

P much


The baffling thing is that with the talent we have on this roster that's not where we should be 

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14 minutes ago, ShawnAntoski said:

Plus, teams seems to had figured something out about our exit zone strategy.

Of course they did.


We have none.

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Just now, Herberts Vasiljevs said:

What are the chances that Poile is still employed by the Predators by season's end? 

I mean, given his history with the Preds, pretty damn good 



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6 minutes ago, Devron44 said:

The team seems to want to pass its way out of the D zone and it back fires practically every time. They seem scared to chip it up the boards or ice the puck when the heats really on. I’ve seen practically every player now get us in trouble this way 

Teams seems to be had figured something out when we are exiting our zone and the result also mainly depends on the d pairing.  The staff doesnt seem to know how to make period to period adjustments; I wonder how the pep talk was for each intermission for this game:

1st - great job

2nd - they're a good team and great effort.


Bottom line (for me): despite all the drama in tonights game, Demmer has to play better and if he is struggling the staff just needs to let him play himself out of it cause this goalie carousel doesnt seem to be helping him to focus...

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the last 2 minutes of the second pretty much showed that the nucks were going to be overwhelmed in the 3rd.  too many guys not able to contribute anything of value on the ice.  


Cannot see Green getting canned this shortened season but hard to think he will be back next year unless this team dramatically starts playing better.   Playoffs are not going to happen.    


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Just now, davidgoliath said:

Just heard Anaheim interested in Virtanen. Awesome. Just get rid of this lazy clown. A third round pick? Yeah whatever. Out. Out.



ASAP if that was offered....

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11 minutes ago, fanfor42 said:

Just watched Green post game.  I guess it just doesn't matter whether we win or lose.  Whether we make the playoffs or not. Whether we ever win a cup or not.  


It is all just kinda sorta doesn't matter.  Aw shucks and gee whiz, It's just for fun and everyone is a nice person.


We are now 8 -13 -2 on the season and 6th place out of 7 teams. But so what?  He is kinda disappointed but not enough to get upset about.   He said nothing to suggest that he was really mad and he said absolutely nothing to suggest that he is frothing at the chance to turn this around.



That is your coach folks.


What do you expect is going to happen?





I agree.


He should’ve gotten up, taken two steps back, looked at his chair, then his microphone. He should’ve picked up his chair first with his left hand, then with his right hand; thereby “two-handing it”.


He should’ve slung that chair against the wall in rebellion and turned around counter clockwise with a mean face on his face and with his face, he should’ve looked into the camera and exclaimed:


”I am mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore”.


Anything short of these extremely basic, easy to follow instructions and Green is a failure.


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3 minutes ago, davidgoliath said:

Starting to wonder about the captaincy of this team. Should the captain be a leader? I don’t see leadership from Horvat. His work ethic has dropped off. He’s big enough to hit but rarely does so.  Virtanen is the new Erickson - just a useless overpaid slug. He could hit but he doesn’t. There is more energy in a nursing home. The two biggest talents on the team must feel exploited being paid peanuts while Erickson, Beagle, Sutter, Virtanen, Roussel are all greatly overpaid for what they contribute. That has got to be unhealthy. They all know this team is screwed up and going nowhere. They all know the incompetence of the general manager. So why bust a gut for nothing.

sorry but Beagle and Sutter have been great on the penalty kill and face offs and our GM gets the players , the players themselves are responsible for the play on the ice. 

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