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What Would You Do? Pt. 3

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What Would You Do? Pt. 3  

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Could start selling at any time at this point.   Would be a tough lesson for the hockey team - but every player is complicit in the start we had too - they are after all, the idiots that kept making terrible plays in the D-zone (and Miller still seems to be doing this too often, the rest got the message)  instead of taking the safe route up the boards and out.   


Pearson should already be shopped - Sutter do think the team needs to gauge what sort of pay he thinks he's worth,  we have zero in the system (C's), and re-signing him to a fair three year medium term deal to replace Beagle isn't a bad move at all.    One of Benn or Hamonic can go, but one also needs re-signing for a year to expose at the draft.   


OJ Myers is turning into our best pairing, and despite which some still seem to think, we are not finding a replacement this off season for Myers via free agency.   Sure Gubranson is available - 4.5 this year ... whoopie!   Only three years left on his deal.   Think this year is tough, see how it goes with Chatfield or Rafferty instead.  



Edler - what if we traded him?  Could get a good return for a rental like him....


On returns - Also think overall the market won't be as busy because of Covid and the ED looming...

Trades are trades....you win some you lose some.   And as managers butts in seats equal playoff revenue - teams won't be as quick to go all in.

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6 hours ago, MrCanuck94 said:

Yeah I understand, by lateral I was meaning more trading our player(s) for other player(s) in similar age/situation and hoping those players or the changes in general create a spark for the team (ex. Virtanen for Bennett).

So, you want to trade what you consider to be garbage for other people's garbage to get better? Are you drunk to think that will work?

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53 minutes ago, IBatch said:

It was about playoffs.  Markstrom wouldn't have gotten us much back ... after the TT trade there was only one direction. 

Markys values was high even two years back. If Benning was destined to go with Demko, as a lot of posters here suggested at that time, he should have decided what to do back then.

Before Myers, Toffoli, Ferland...


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Ok, armchair GM time.

We have a 6 day break starting March 25. This is prior to this year's trade deadline (good!). So, if I'm the owner...


Both Baumgartner and Brown are gone at that time. We may not have the world's best D corp, but it's not as bad as it has played. The structure is just not working. Yes, Green is ultimately responsible but Baumer has the reins, in game. This HAS to be fixed! Also, the PP ranges from half decent to awful. With the talent we have (on paper) it should be ranging from freakin' great to average (on bad days). 


We need a President of Hockey Operations, mostly to keep Benning from any further bad free agent signings. Right now, even more that the LE contract, the contracts of Beagle and Roussel are screwing up a lot of cap space. LE (and this may be the only defense possible) was signed at a time when money was flowing, and the contracts that year were high dollar or no player acquired. But Beagle and Roussel? $3M each? Horrid contracts, especially when term is 4 years.


In that 6 day break, with new PP and new D asst coaches, we get that long to work on practices, before our longest road trip of the year. If, by some miracle we are still in the playoff hunt (realistically) then we have to get at least 3 wins in that 7. Yeah, right, who am I kidding?


Meanwhile, Benning is told he has the freedom to get rid of what he can, for whatever he can get. I keep seeing we can absorb some of contracts traded. Isn't there a limit on this? Like 3 contracts? I know the Luongo contract doesn't come off until after next season. But isn't the Spooner contract still being paid out, or does it not count since it ends after this season? If we can keep two, then I'd be satisfied (not necessarily happy, but...) with getting 4th-6th round picks back for Roussel and Eriksson, obviously keeping some money here. If we are out of the playoff hunt, and I figure we will be, then Sutter can go on the trade blocks also. Virtanen should already be there, and Gaudette might be already there also. We aren't going to get a 1st or 2nd round pick for anyone except maybe Pearson, and he is one of the few players that are playing at least fair overall. Benning is given this freedom because, if he doesn't free up some $$ with trades, then the amount of gate next year (or whenever us fans are allowed back in) will be decreased, maybe to the point of being equivalent to the money kept in the trades. I'd rather have the fans than the lousy players.


Of course, we continue this trend of rapidly approaching the basement of the North division, then that 6 day break is a perfect opportunity to fire everyone!

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10 hours ago, MrCanuck94 said:

I think it's time to see the reality of this season. Combination of underwhelming play from guys like Miller, Gaudette and Virtanen to name a few alongside dead money with no value, I think it's time we start to sell off on some assets and see what we can get.


Off the top of my head, I'd dangle Miller, Pearson, Benn, Gaudette, Virtanen, Sutter, Schmidt, Myers and Holtby to see if any team bites and what their offer would be (FYI I'm not saying trade guys like Miller and Schmidt for peanuts, if we can get a solid offer for them, I'd consider a move).


What would you do?

I agree totally with you.  Emphasis on getting back players that can and want to make a difference, and/or to's p round draft picks.  Watching Miller's play the last few games, gliding to the bench and body language tells me something isn't right.  Is he injured, other than his pride?

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As the owner?


Hire an experienced president of hockey ops with years of experience that has won a cup. (Thinking Lombardi here).


Give him full autonomy to make decisions regarding the club. But recommend Gallant and Futa/McFarland in the coach/GM search. Igor Larionov is also an intriguing pick if we want to make our Russian players stick. Ultimately, let him pick his GM candidate and run through me his plans for the next five years.


Throw my twitter account and phone into a volcano and sip blueberry milkshakes on the beach

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My offseason plan:


-We are going to be drafting top 10.   Pick one of Power, Edvinsson, Clarke, Lambos on D.

-Deal Pearson and Sutter at the Deadline for a 2 and 3rd round pick (If EP an QH bonus out, this stops them from carrying over to next season).

-Dump Virtanen for whatever you can get 

-Deal Guadette for futures

-Buyout Rousel

-Re sign Edler for 2 years 3 million

-Re sign EP and Hughes 3x7

-Re sign Demko 3x3

-Seattle takes Holtby, even if we add pick

-Benn, Hamonic walk


This gives us roughly 13 million to sign 3 middle 6 forwards, 1 4th liner, RD, Backup G.  Spares will be covered by Ferlands LTIR.  I'd focus on size/grit/2 way play.  Very tight, but doable.  Best case is probably that Lind and Tryamkin take up the bottom roles for 3 combined, then you have 10 for your middle 6 and backup.













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6 hours ago, FaninMex said:

So, you want to trade what you consider to be garbage for other people's garbage to get better? Are you drunk to think that will work?

Firstly, if you actually read the post you would see that I chose the other option, just clarifying what I meant by the second option.


Secondly, change of scenery does wonders for many players, so don't act like a smart ass lol. Roslovic is the latest example of this.

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