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1 minute ago, khay said:

Have a hunch... TG will be fired soon. Not all his fault but JB will have to do something because his neck is on the line too. 

Just weeks after Aquillini tweeted his support for his staff? That’s not gonna die a quiet death.

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2 minutes ago, davidgoliath said:

I have been disappointed/disgusted with Virtanen’s recent “efforts” but have to admit he’s giving it a go here tonight. So why is he a passenger so many nights? Maybe he has some emotional issues to deal with. If so he should have the courage to confront them like Tyler Motte.


Huge respect for Tyler in doing the video about his mental health issues. It is so important to acknowledge that this topic affects millions of people and everyone needs to feel comfortable about getting help. Ironically, depression and anxiety issues affect many of the hockey “tough” guys, and those who do not deal with it (or deal with it through alcohol and drugs) are often doomed to lives of unhappiness if not misery.

Ya so that tells you Virtanen just chooses to not show up most nights. When you show you can do it then it has to be something you do most of the time. He's just a lazy player.

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