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4 hours ago, Convincing John said:

Scoring from a 3rd line centre is pretty awesome though, actually, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s essential for a cup contender. Sutter would be a great 4th line centre but he is not a 20 goal scorer and he is not, and never was worth 4.3/yr my dude. All the condescending

- $4.3m for 6 pointzzzz. Letzzzz resign!!!!! - posts in the world aren’t going to change that. 

Not Now John.

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On 2/24/2021 at 5:30 PM, CanadianRugby said:

Some polls to see how the people of CDC see the Canucks players, the short term and long term future of the team.

Just in response to your opening statement and poll, kudos, good thread!


I don't think much more needs to happen than we already know will happen, regarding the short term future of the team:

Next season a buyout of L.E only costs us 2m of cap space in back to back years. whew. 

two seasons from now Louuuuuuu's cap recapture penalty that the league should have never levied on us with a new CBA changing the rules of the contract he was signed under .. comes off the cap.

Next season we have POD coming over from the KHL, in fact this April!!!

Next season we will have yet another good draft pick, presumably, to add to our arsenal of talent.

Next season Sven Baertschi's 2.3 million of burried contract comes off the books

Ryan SPooner's contract buyout of 1m cap charge comes off the books

Sutter's 4.375 million deal expires and if we decide to move on from him...becomes free cash

Edlers 6 million deal expires and if we decide to move on from him.. becomes free cash

Total cap money freed immediately after this season: $17,675,000

and then the following season's end we are done with LU's recapture and free up another $3,035,212.


That alone, just getting out of cap space hell, while adding PODKOLTZIN to the forward group will do wonders for our club. 


For all these reasons I am not as concerned as the general mood on CDC, but we will need to, in my mind, replace Sutter and Eriksson up front and Edler and another D down below, so there will be the need to wrangle 3 UFA skaters with our newfound cap space. Two D and a UFA F. 


EDITED: mistake in math in bolded number, originally I thought it was around 11.5m but turns out to be close to 18 million!

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There should have Benn a don't sign any of these bums as an option so I defaulted to Edler. Even though my personal choice to move on from Tanev doesn't look great right now I still support it. Edler just blows now .... I'd like to cut free from being slow and immobile with poor decision making.

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20 minutes ago, aqua59 said:

Hey great post the pole was well put together. 


Am I the only person who's glad there's no game today?


It's predictable failure on a nightly basis.

It is a good poll


I have been a Canuck fan long enough  to know that they will go on a winning streak soon till the end of the season, but still miss the playoffs, miss out on a top pick and give us false hope that the coming year we will play like how we played at the end  and no one should be moved or let go:huh:


The Stanley Cups is one of the hardest trophies to win, You need to be strong both physically and mentally all year or you lose out to the teams who were stronger

After all these years I'm getting tired of making excuses for them like i use too, (or hearing them now), as i said it is like me fooling myself that i am a better golfer than i am, if only i hadn't blown a few shots and yet i end up with basically the same scores. Maybe i could be better if i apply myself  and with better discipline? Now i accept that i am no pro and let go of excuses and enjoy my rec. game more and don't make excuses for the Canucks either, as one great Canuck said, It is what it is



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I'm relatively optimistic the team will turn it around, but not this year. They've lost too much ground. They're not playing well. Everything is going against them, and there's only 30-odd games left in the season.


Team next year must include [untouchables]

Pettersson, Horvat, Boeser, Hoglander, Podkolzin, Motte

Hughes, Juolevi


Team should include: [players kept unless a significant hockey trade/improvement is available]

Miller, Beagle, Pearson [re-sign him as a solid top-9], Gaudette, MacEwan

Schmidt, Edler (but only if he re-signs for 3-4 million), Myers (only because other RHD options are likely worse)

Demko, Holtby (as a stop-gap for another year)


Team should move on from:

Sutter, Virtanen, Eriksson (anyone....), Roussel (one year left, should find a taker...), Benn, Hamonic



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6 hours ago, Primal Optimist said:

EDITED: mistake in math in bolded number, originally I thought it was around 11.5m but turns out to be close to 18 million!

How much of that money is getting used to resign Hughes & Pettersson?  


Not much money left over to replace the players that are leaving.  And those players need to be better than the ones leaving for this team to improve. 


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