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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks @ Winnterpeg Jets | March 2, 2021 | 5 p.m. PT | SNP, TVAS

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5 minutes ago, ShawnAntoski said:

This game is on Holtby - imo.  

Great team effort but garbage effort by Holtby.


Hope he sits for awhile and be ready to play next year when he plays again..

I hope Green is the one to sit

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Just now, captainhorvat said:

Can someone explain why we signed Holtby??? Louis Domingue would have been just fine.

Ask the genius Benning, since his cap hit would have been enough to bring back Toffoli or Tanev.

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-fire green

-hire gallant 

-dress 7 dmen and replace benn with juolevi and get Chatfield the games required to expose him

-trade Pearson and virtanen and whoever else to get enough cap room to cover the ELC bonuses that are due. 

-draft RD Brandt Clarke 

-its time to prepare for next year there won't be playoffs this season. 


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1 minute ago, Deets said:

I'd agree that Demko would have been the better choice, but weren't going to win with only 2 goals. Sloppy defensive break-downs, losing the puck, shoddy reffing and one time Holtby coughed up the puck.


All and all, we played alright game in a barn we always seem to lose in. Jets just outclassed us.

We match up well against this team and the difference is there goalie made the stops and ours played like diarrhea.


Frustrating game..

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5 minutes ago, Dazzle said:

They sure are blaming everything on Benning, including the lack of consistency from coaching/players.

You do realize Benning put together the team in front of you, right? Do you disagree that he should take the lions share of the blame?

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2 minutes ago, Sbriggs said:

I have not been a supporter of firing Green up to this point. I have said Baumer has to go be fore the whole coaching staff is fired. Two things stand out to me tonight, one is why the f$#k isn't OJ on the ice again? Why is Holtby in net? Its a insult to Demko after shutting out Jets last night and not getting the next game, who cares if its back to back, he's young and there's no travel so he should have been rewarded. As far as OJ,  Im just in shock at how good he has been just to be givin the hook time and time again. This is a coaching decision and its a bad one and Green should be shown the door.

actually someone earlier was saying it was Ian clarke who pick which goalie starts, not  Green

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