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What would you give up to move him instead of buying out  

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3 hours ago, BigTramFan said:

Relax, Panic Rafferty is not eligible for selection by Seattle due to playing 2 or less professional seasons. because his 2 games for the Canucks in 2018/19 count as a "full season" because he was over the age of 20 at the time...

No worries.   Was confusing enough the first time ... but back then all we had to worry about was Gaunce (and believe there were a lot of worrying minds over losing him at the time lol)...Sbisa it was.   Vancouver should be in a good position overall.   JB definitely kept things in mind when it came to the ED.   Was willing to let Markstrom go .... losing Demko was the biggest concern... now it's Myers - which i've worried about.   In the end who knows how things will shake out, Seattle for sure has a lot better options then Vegas did, which is also an indication of a better team. 

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11 hours ago, BigTramFan said:

Seattle can take any single player that is not protected as long as that player has played more than 2 "professional" seasons by the end of this season.


This means Lind, Jasek, MacEwen, Brisebois are all able to be selected if we do not protect them, because they will have had 3 or more seasons in the AHL, which counts as a professional league.


Interestingly enough Rafferty is not eligible for selection because he has only played 2019-20 and 2020-21 in the AHL (i.e. only two seasons).

The only players currently exempt from selection are: Hughes, Hoglander, Rathbone, Lockwood, Focht, Michaelis, Woo, Eliot, Dipietro, Silovs, Kielly and Tryamkin.


Regarding Juolevi, he is eligible to be selected if we don't protect him (2 seasons in AHL + this season in NHL).


I think you are getting the "number of games played" confused with the Canuck's minimum requirements as a team. These minimum requirements are related to the team and not individual players. The rule is that the Canucks must expose 2F, 1D and 1G that has played at least 27 games in 2020-21 or 54 games in 2019-20 + 2020-21. Individual players do not have to reach these targets to be protected or to be eligible to be selected by Seattle.

Thanks for clearing that up! 

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1. Send Lui down, costs 1m signing bonus plus 3m salary total 4m real cash.  Saves 1.075m so cap hit 4.925m. Requires player at say 900k to fill his spot so total cap hit 5.825m and total cash 4.9m.


2. Keep him up costs 1m signing bonus plus 3m salary equals 4m total cash. Cap hit 6m.


3. Buy him out costs 1m signing bonus plus 2m buyout equals total cash cost 3m. Cap hit 4m (plus 1m the next year). Need to add a player to take his roster spot for say 900k.  So total cash cost is 3.9m and total cap hit is 4.9m first  year and 1m next.


I expect Lui is bought out.


I would not waste a high draft pick to get out of the scenarios above.  And no way Seattle steps into taking on those scenarios for less than a high draft pick.



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Let’s not do side deals with the Kraken if we can help it, look how that turned out with Vegas - teams ended up giving up a lot of mid tier players for basically nothing. What I don’t want to see is seatle get a reasonably strong team and also a stocked cupboard of picks. Whether this is by picks being given for side deals or players they will just flip for picks after the draft. 

iwnould rather just suck up the rest of the contract and deal with it from there. I cannot see FA authorising a buy out, he’s not been included to do so before so planning that it’s a certainty is just wishful thinking 

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