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[Article] Ten Good Things So Far from the 2021 Season

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Obviously lots of nice offensive stats with Green playing a super aggressive style, but it isn't correlating to success or wins so don't think these simple stats indicate a good season. Hughes is a prime example - leading the league in defenceman points but gets walked by guys like Spezza...he's been brutal defensively as has Miller, so on the whole I'd say they've regressed.


The Cup winner isn't the one who scores the most points, they often are the best defensive team and we're one of the worst.


In that vein, Hoglander, Myers, Juolevi, Benn to an extent, Sutter, Beagle and even Pearson have played much better. Our mostly-top-10 PK tells us the story.

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Conversely, a '10 bad things' article would also have to feature JT Miller, Jordie Benn, Tyler Myers and Quinn Hughes...


Hoglander has been exceptional compared to expectations, and Boeser and Demko have both improved. But outside of those three, the rest is padding an article for the sake of it.

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I appreciate the positivity... maybe not the best sign when several of the top 10 things include the phrase “mixed bag” though :D


My list:


1.  Hoglander is a huge surprise, I thought if he made the team this seasons it was mostly going to be because of cap reasons.  No one can say he hasn’t deserved a spot regardless of his contract.  

2.  Demko is as good as can be expected.  Good enough that we can really hope Seattle takes Holtby (unlikely unless he can turn around his numbers the rest of the year).


3.  Rathbone would be on my list of positive things.  He was our D prospect with the most likely top 4 potential.  His start in the AHL has even upped those odds.


4.  I would combine our other prospects into another positive.  The AHL is weaker than normal because of so many players on taxi squads... but our prospects that are there are doing really well.  Woo, Lockwood, Lind, Gadjovich, Jasek are all showing that they have some chance of becoming NHLers.  Any couple of those working out to even be NHL regulars would be a drafting/developing victory that we haven’t really had for a long time.


5.  Tryamkin.  With an NHL calibre coach, this guy has blossomed and become a pretty dominant force on his team, eating up huge minutes and playing a physical style.  If he can keep up with the speed in the NHL, he will be an incredible add next season.  At the price tag of 2-3 years @ around $2 million per, if he is only a 3rd pairing guy that can complement a more offensive partner, that is still a win.  He is not expansion eligible so that it valuable.


6.  The last positive point is that the season is only 56 games at most so the pain will be less than if it were a normal 82 games season with.  We can look forward to the draft pretty quickly.



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My Takes, in no particular order:



Boeser- MVP this year.

Hoglander-  I think he has exceeded even the most optimistic expectations.

Demko- Is making steps to be a legit starter.  He has been good as of late.

Juolevi- I think he has proven he can play.  No idea why he is getting scratched.

Ep- Was awful to start, but has been very good for the most part.  I think he has been better than his statline indicates.

Edler- Just keeps on truckin.  Certainly is proving worthy of another deal.

Myers- Probably not the most popular on the list, but he eats big minutes, puts up points, and is reasonably close to an even player.  He is better than he is given credit for.

Schmidt-  I think he has been very good, and is getting better.  This will be his D core next year, he will be the leader.  I  don't think he is deployed properly.

Motte- Very good 4 liner.  Solid  asset for this team.

Beagle- I get that he is overpaid, but he does well in his 4C role.

Lind/Rathbone/Podkolzin- having good years (small samples for 2 of them), should push for spots next year.  3 more rookies would be huge for our cap crunch.

Our 2021 draft picks- a high first in a defense heavy draft is massive.  a 2nd in the 35 range will be huge too.  I think there will be huge value in the 2nd and third rounds this year.




Holtby- Has been awful.  Thought he would be a reasonable ED pick, but not a chance.  

Miller- He has not been as good as his statline indicates.  Why does he not shoot anymore?

Horvat- Has been very good at times, but mediocre for the most part.  In his defense, this is a tough spot for a young captain.

Hughes- He needs to get better defensively.

Pearson- Does not produce enough to be in a top 6 unit.  I really hope we move on from him

Gaudette- Literally zero finish.  Dude was on a 50 point pace last year, what happened?

Virtanen- I've supported him from day 1, but I think it;s time to move on.  1 point in 21 games is just not good enough.

Power play- Maybe try a new plan?  Me and my family could defend against our PP1, it is far to predicatable.

Coaches- I like Green, but he is not getting it done.  I do think a new voice and new deployment of some of our players will be huge.


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20 minutes ago, higgyfan said:

That's sad, but not surprising :bored:





- all deserve a nod


Unfortunately, Motte has been injured and Juolevi has been benched (for some reason).


The other "highlites" are filler. The media has tried real hard to come up with 10 things, maybe to try and help the Canucks fan base relax lol  


Demko? Please, other than the one shutout game, he hasn't been very good. Not counting his shutout game:  4-9-1 (and 3 of those wins were against OTT)


Jordie Benn? Oh boy.

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IMO I’m looking forwards to seeing this group next season under a different coach and system. I think a lot of the teams failure this season is attributed to poor scheming and the inability for the coaching staff to maximize certain players strengths. 

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1 hour ago, BCNate said:





Hughes- He needs to get better defensively.



i disagree, most offensive d man always ahd defensive weakness, id rather he have defensive weakness and keeps putting up the points than him working on his defensive style and producing alot less, sometimes u cant expect both, of coarse if he does work on it and still produce, than cool....but looking at alot of the past defmen, who were amazing with the points had defensive flaws


easy way to fix his defensive flaws at times, is put better defensive d-man with him, simple, id rather not hamper his offensiveness over def,

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5 minutes ago, x00x said:

100 bucks says he never plays in the NHL again, people need to move on from him, as nothing lately shows he wants to play with the canucks

Yep, also the fact he sucks. CDC has some weird pronger/chara visions for him. He is more Hal gill than any of those two. 

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