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RIP - Walter Gretzky, passed away March 4th 2021

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My dad and my grandpa played a golf tournament where he was a guest in Abbotsford years ago and were talking to him at the dinner after and told me he was saying something along the line like “ look at us , we are eating here like kings and don’t think twice about it while there are millions starving each day”. RIP to Mr. Gretzky. 

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An anecdote involving Walter G., Harry Neale (back in the day - post coaching) was asked who he would take in the upcoming ameteur draft. Neale replied, "Well, I'd draft Walter Gretzky and the Sutter boy's old man, and then I'd start a stud farm..."


                                            regards,  G.


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A sad day for sure.


Pieces of hockey history are slowly slipping away....puts everything in perspective in a don't sweat the small stuff way.


My Mom shared a similar history with the brain aneurysm stuff....she was about the same age when she collapsed at work.  Then a stroke then, eventually, brain cancer.  It's a long road, may he rest in peace.  And say hi to my Mom up there.

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Condolences to the Gretzky family. 


I met Walter in 2005 at Gretzky's restaurant in Toronto when I was on a trip to the HHOF.  Got his autograph actually and chatted with him for about 5min.  


A nice, nice man.  Seemed to have time for everyone in the restaurant. 



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