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Jim Benning's mid-season press conference

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13 minutes ago, canuktravella said:

 ya benning needs to deal the vets  asap  sutter pearson benn edler all for picks

if pearson edler wanna resign in summer tell them that option is open after we get a few picks  we could give baertchi away to any bottom 10 team that needs scoring guy doesnt deserve utica treatment  but eriksson and roussel do   

While I agree. It would totally send the wrong message to the team. 

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As rough as the seasons bin if we perform well in our remaining games against the flames and the habs we are back in the mix.  Our schedule is more favourable from a rest and practice standpoint.  Demko plays well and we can make a push.  And if we don’t we sell the expiring contracts.

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15 minutes ago, lmm said:

jim should quit with the "Ran out of Time" excuse and just say "We were caught with our pants down, again"

Jim Benning: When we planned the team out this summer, we were in the Pacific Division and were going to be playing all the teams in the league.


Tyler Toffoli sign 4 year contract Oct 12th, 






Learn to read when baselessly attacking people. That's why people like you get called out all the time. Absolutely pathetic troll attempt.

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12 minutes ago, PhillipBlunt said:

So did Jim actually give Nolan Baumgartner and Newell Brown the vote of confidence? If so, the guy is cracked. 

Right, Baummer is awful. Newell is good but gets super complacent...

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3 minutes ago, Smashian Kassian said:

He makes a great point about how facing the same teams over & over exposes your weaknesses more.


We've see an improvement in our defensive structure from the start of the season. 


As disappointing as it is now, in the long run I think there will be some important positives taken away from this season.

I mean it also applies to other teams. So we haven't been taking advantage of them as much as they take advantage of us? There's an issue there.


this isn't isolation. Every team faces the same problems. We've handled it worse than them.


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Only thing I got is that JB believe the window opens in 2 years like many of us had already figured. This and next season was always a write off and development years.

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1 minute ago, Warhippy said:

This is the only seriously concerning thing for me


The deficiencies shown by the special teams and defensive aspect are glaringly obvious and have been for some time.  If it isn't time to at least consider replacing some of the coaching staff then when is?

After people start coming to the games, and the money begins to flow.

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