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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs Toronto Maple Leaves | March 6, 2021 | 4 p.m. PT | CBC, SNP

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2 hours ago, Rick_theRyper said:

I really hope Jake plays well again, he’s been on a six or so game stretch of improvements. Sounds so cliche but it starts with the little things, finishing checks for one. I remember when Kesler came into the league watching a game with my dad I said something like “this guys gonna be good” and a few moments later he split the D and had a wide open shot at the net and hit the freaking glass behind the goalie. Point is sure he’s taking the long road there but I disagree with “Jakes got the tool box but no tools” he’s got huge confidence issues imo. When he gets put on the top two lines he plays at first like he’s afraid to make a mistake. Same when he’s put on the fourth.. guys a mental case I think. Over thinks too much.. once he plays confidently it’s amazing the difference. 

sorry for the rant but I’m aloud to drink on the weekends so I’m hoping I can shotgun tonight! Go nucks! 

Just don't get too loud. My cat will be sleeping 

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6 minutes ago, VforVirtanen said:

Hope everyone is ready to do some shotgunning tonight. Tonight is the night for Jake's resurgence!

If JV plays another strong game (2 in a row), fans be like...


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2 hours ago, Jimmy McGill said:

Its going to be an interesting run to the end here.... Cowtown in desperation mode.


If we can end up going on a bit of a run here we might be able to leap frog Calgary, which would be awesome. Thats the 1st goal I'm setting for my expectations.


Once/if we do that then its really down to EDM and MTL having some sort of disaster but it would be awesome to crush the Calgary fans spirits and finish strong. 

Even our own fans ... we'll the ones that crap on the team constantly, hate every player, want the team traded for picks, and want management and coaching stoned to death ... yeah you know ... the fans. :canucks:

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2 hours ago, combover said:

Hope we can pull another win using him bennings “day to day plan “:picard:

it would be sad if we waited to long and “ ran out of time” to get the deal done. 
it’s ok thou because “every team has bad contracts” 

“Travis Is doing a great job” oh so that’s why he hasn’t been extended.

but  don’t worry we’ll be “ really competitive in two years.” 

huh 9 years hope no one goes back to his comments 7 years ago when he clearly stated

That wouldn’t be us with a 10 year tebuild. 


Just hope the young guys keep it going.




Wrong thread litta feller

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1 hour ago, FaninMex said:

That is not going to be for the rest of the season. Plus one will lose which means we move up on one.

We have a few games on hand on Mon which means they have some back to backs coming up. They are going to lose some of those and get beat up going down the stretch.

I also do not believe that Calgary is going to have its problems solved with Sutter this time.

This stretch favors us in my opinion.

Well I hope you are correct.


With the games in hand it's a tough go.

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It sounds like Benning and Green etc. have given the current team a vote of confidence, so maybe they turn things around and the second half of the season is amazing. Could happen. They were an inspired team in the bubble, maybe that last win against the best team in the league (without Pettersson) and the vote of confidence from management will be a turning point. Another impactful game from Jake please.

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