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[Report] Tom Wilson suspended 7 games

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Seven games seems a little much. The reasoning at the end is suspect "injury" "boarding" "history". They like to pick and choose when injury plays a factor into number of games. 


I dont disagree a suspension was definitely warranted I just think 7 seems a bit much. 3 to 5 would have been my guess. However with that said I think the fact there was no penalty in the game plays a bigger factor into these decisions. Had he got 5 and a game he might have only got 5. Since he finishes the game they tact on a couple more to like "make up" for the missed call.

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7 games in a short season - a little bit too much.

He has plenty of time to prevent such action, so most of people assume he intended to do so.

I don't disagree the penalty but need consistency.

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5 hours ago, Toyotasfan said:

I don’t see it as a worse hit than the Tkachuck hit on Kassian last year that wasn’t a suspension . 

Tkachuk is also a piece of #$%#, but if you actually look at the hit in replay he never touches Kassian's head, it just looks that way because his helmet goes flying off.  



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1 hour ago, Odd. said:

See Tkachuk is a rat and a piece of $&!#, but at least he's not a dangerous, reckless player like Wilson.

No, he's just a different kind of dangerous, reckless player.

Someday the league will start fining and suspending Tkachuk for those not subtle slew foots.


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