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Lord Benning is taking us to the moon.

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He drafted a very talented core to build around. I give him full credit for that. However, he also surrounded them with some of the most overpaid and underwhelming contracts/players in the league. If he can't manage the cap (and be creative and proactive about the current situation), there is no way he can build a contender.

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41 minutes ago, apollo said:



I urge you Canucks nation... watch the games and just be happy. Stop the nonsense, stop bashing our own players, coaches, GM... if someone is to be traded Jim will handle it. You don't have to trash on a player or GM. It does nothing but multiply toxicity in your own life.

Disclaimer: I understand this only applies to 10-20% of our fan base which are brainwashed into thinking toxic thoughts - but sadly this 10-20% makes too much noise. If you have friends that are in this category please try and get them to change their tune... we need all hands on deck for unification


Anyways, I'm off to hoge the rest of the day, and obviously all night! Hoge hoge ! :lol:



What could possibly go wrong with a plan from Uncle Jim ?

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Houston - We have a problem ! (106 years since Vancouver won the cup !!!)


shoot for the moon : comics


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Serious Joke how 15% of Canuck twitter and hockey site with so much negative sarcastic people...

You listen to good hockey people they love stupid remarks from Vancouver twitter about Petey and trading  Hughes...

Least the managers and players don't read posts or twitter...

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