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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs Montreal Canadiens | March 10, 2021 | 8 p.m. PT | SNP, RDS

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38 minutes ago, apollo said:

You are an incognito Flames fan bro I'm on to you. You've mentioned some nothing points. This is brutal propaganda and I shouldn't bother a reply but I'm waiting for the game to start and have nothing better to do so here we go...


I feel where you are coming from and I understand why your emotions are getting the best of u... I was super frustrated when hearing Manny and specially Burr sign elsewhere...  I'm a diehard who loves Burr... all time top 5 human being in my books... but ever put your anti-JB bias aside and be rational? Maybe realize that Alex loves living in his home and speaking french? He's said it countless times before... it's been his dream to play/work for his habs... but you out here spreading nonsense to fuel your unhealthy obsession to bash our GM?


Head of amateur scouting who didn't want Jim to draft Hoglander sent packing... brutal. You complaining about Jim putting his foot down for Hog?


Tanev MARKY LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL - this was biggest troll... Hamonic 1 mill ... Demmer 1 mill... OMGEUUUUURR BUT MARKSTROM AND TANEV!!! OMMGGEUURRDDDD. Jim's spoiled us with riches and prospects and you out here trolling over not giving a goalie a 6x6 million contract during a pandemic... lol  good one flames fan


Linden had different views - they walked away respectfully, get a grip.


Ian Clark and Green left hanging... last I checked unemployment is higher than its ever been in the country... you must have some info that the Aquilini's are not paying them their cheques and they have been thrown onto the streets. Are they panhandling down robson too pal?


Your outlook could use some change bro and i say it with love - focus on all the good things life and in this case... Jim Benning has to offer.


I actually read all that and was extremely unimpressed with your counter points. You shouldn't have wasted your time. Perhaps read the article about Clark before being g a smart ass a out national unemployment.   The number of qualified and successful management t that have left or are left hanging should be a concern for anyone famiar with corporate governance.  You are just a cheerleader and that's okay. I mean that with love.   

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Again the team isn’t prepared for the other teams pressure.

They’re the home team! For once I’d like to see them come out and dictate the pace.

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We shall bend, but we shall not break,  Feels like it's going to be that kind of game.  Totally unprepared 

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1 minute ago, Canuckfanforlife82 said:

Can anyone explain why Roussel is ahead of MacEwen on this team? He offers absolutely nothing. Aren't we supposed to be developing MacEwen? I don't understand the reasoning behind it?

Roussel's mom might get mad for lack of ice time.

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Just now, Josepho said:

Roussel continues to play despite constant boneheaded plays.


The lack of accountability on this team is so disgusting.

rather have Mckewan than Roussel rigjt now. Just terrible plays from him. Either icing it or giving it away. Worth every 3 million dollar

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if demko doesn't stand on his head again, it'll end badly for the nucks....can't believe the skaters aren't more geared up....can't clear the zone, can't get a pass through, can't skate

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  • -Vintage Canuck- changed the title to [GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs Montreal Canadiens | March 10, 2021 | 8 p.m. PT | SNP, RDS
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