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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs Montreal Canadiens | March 10, 2021 | 8 p.m. PT | SNP, RDS

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36 minutes ago, bad alice french said:

One goal... puts us back in it. 20 mins. to go. Sometimes wonder if anyone on here has ever played hockey.


MTL will hit the wall soon, ‘Nucks will find their legs & a second wind & surprise ‘em. 

Just waiting for a momentum-shifting moment like that Nylander delay-of-game penalty the other night. 

Make it so! 

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Just now, xereau said:

His foot's been mangled for like half a decade. That was my thought at the time, that the Habs bought him for that sweet long term LTIR.


I think it's finally healed in the last 18 months. He's a great vet D, awesome to see him back.


His foot was really BAD apparently. Like disintegrated bone in his ankle bad. But its solid now.


Shea Weber is good for the game.

No team voluntarily takes a player with the hope he ends on LTIR.  It’s a significant disadvantage.  Will make it hard for them to build an active roster up to the salary cap, create bonus overages and limit roster flexibility and recalls. 

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2 minutes ago, fanfor42 said:

Oh well this is a loss.


We were lousy tonight.  We have won three in a row so I guess it's not the end of the world.


But I have one question which is,  would a better coach have had this team ready to go and hungrier or is this a question of lack of talent vs a better team?


I don't know.  But my gut is this has  to do with coaching.


Breakouts were lousy, pp lousy, not ready to start the game.  Demko held us in but man.  If this isn't about coaching then this team is in real trouble.


I hope that JB changes the coach this summer. My position is what is so special about Green that you don't roll the dice and assume that an experienced coach can do a better job?


Why hold on to a guy who has won nothing?  Aren't we just hoping that he can blossom where he has had 4 years to do so and has not accomplished anything yet?


I would really like to see an experienced coach come in this summer and start a three year climb to being a contending team as money comes off and young players develop and move up.


i really do not want to see us resign Green and have him fail and have us playing like this 3 years from now. He has accomplished nothing in the NHL.  let's take a chance on a coach who has a good track record. There are a few out there now and probably a couple more by the summer to choose from.




the team isn't very good - can't make chicken soup out of chicken poop

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3 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

I wonder if we're leading for the most "too many men" penalties.

When Green said he wanted 10-15% more from his guys, he meant he wanted 10-15% more guys out there

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  • -Vintage Canuck- changed the title to [GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs Montreal Canadiens | March 10, 2021 | 8 p.m. PT | SNP, RDS
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