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The Athletic article... Sabres vs Canucks: After 50 years and No Stanley Cups, who's fans have had it worse?

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13 minutes ago, debluvscanucks said:

Guys, set the bar low:


Doesn't matter what I say Drance you're just going write **** anyways. 

I didn't even want to answer you, you're such a weasel. 



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19 hours ago, BarnBurner said:

If you are a writer/creator, you should always dig deeper than you thought you'd need to in order to uncover the real fascinating story/angle. This really is a putrid attempt at creating attention. Suppose he accomplished that, but it's definitely a pathetic way of having to resort to getting attention.

In this day and age journalism is purely about and revenue. It’s no longer about quality which gains readership which sells ads but clicks, impressions so being a shock jock is more financially lucrative, article quality can be poor providing it draws people in or gets them talking. The fact we are doing so now means that while we deride the journalistic skills of Drance he is doing exactly what he needs in the modern era of ‘news’

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14 hours ago, Sandro17 said:

Man I miss those two so much.

Yep.  I get it.   At some point i'm sure we will also miss Demko, Hoglander, Podz, EP, BB, QHs, Horvat blank blank blank too..

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On 3/11/2021 at 3:28 PM, IBatch said:

..out of curiousity what were the Sabres best seasons anyways? 

Lots of good seasons, but 2005/2006 was the Sabres greatest playoff run and I think the best playoff run I've ever heard of. Brian Campbell knocks RJ Umberger out cold in one of the greatest open ice checks of all time in OT in Game 1... the Sabres go on to beat the Flyers by ridiculous margins of 8-2 and 7-1, then go up against the top seeded Senators and come back to tie Game 1 FIVE times before beating them in OT, then beat them handily in 5 games... then they go up against Carolina and take them to within 18 minutes of the Finals while missing literally 1/4 of the team to injuries. All that, after being projected to finish 25th in the standings.

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