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Timur Faizutdinov dies 3 days after being hit by puck

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14 minutes ago, Me_ said:

How a puck can destroy a man’s face and he survives, and an innocent shot to the temple ends another man’s life.


Timur Faizutdinov died on Tuesday in a hospital in Yaroslavl. 
This was announced by his club Dynamo St. Petersburg. Despite the efforts of the doctors, the 19-year-old's life could not be saved. 
The 19-year-old was the captain of the Russian MHL club. 
The young defender got a puck on the head during a playoff game on the weekend and suffered a fracture of the temporal bone, 
a cerebral haemorrhage and damage to his carotid artery.
Faizutdinov was given artificial respiration, both his heart and lungs had stopped working on their own. 
The player had passed out while still on the ice.
According to various media reports, the doctors had meanwhile hoped that an operation could save his life. 
However, this did not have to be carried out in the hospital where Faizutdinov was located. 
In addition, it was feared that he would not survive the transport to a suitable medical facility.

Dinamo St. Petersburg announced that before the next games in MHL and the KHL professional league, 
there will be minutes of silence to commemorate Faizutdinov.

thats translation from a german hockey site :( 

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I feel just as bad for the kid who hit him. The guilt he must be feeling. Such an innocent play gone so horribly wrong. 


And the news that the hospital he was at couldn't preform the surgery that may or may not have saved his life is difficult to hear.

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