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The I have Mixed Feelings about Jim Benning Chaosthread 3000

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10 minutes ago, Patrik Laine said:

This thread is unnecessary.  Lets make a fire green thread, or a does green have dementia thread, or does green know this ain't curling thread, or does aquaman not fire green because green has sinister info on him thread. 

Wrong thread.

This thread is for Benning bashing.

It has become a inter-game Olympic sport around here.


It’s the I Hate Jim Benning Superthread 3000.


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20 minutes ago, kanucks25 said:

Nah I'm good thanks though :)


good luck!

No no no I insist!



Bring all of your friends in here and have a digibeer over who does Benning bashing best!


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Meh.  Seems like a likeable, down to earth guy.  Not sure if he should still be in charge of this hockey club but he doesn't deserve to be hated.


With that said, the sooner he goes, the sooner we can become a respectable hockey club again.


Hope this helps.

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Even before this season began, I think it was clear to the millions that Mr Jim Benning was already the joke of the NHL... but come on... did he really do it again?! Is this real? Are you kidding me?!


It wasn't enough that he somehow managed to sign Erik Gudbranson to a terrible extension after drastically overpaying for him.


Fast forward a year... 2018 after Gudbranson and Eriksson's contracts are biting him in the ass... Jim said he doesn't care! Bring on Roussel and Beagle I LIKE IT!


But to somehow pull 2019 out of the hat too?!  It's a little early but I'm concerned in what I've seen and Mr Jim Benning's outlook. Stralman Chiarot Shattenkirk are more reliable defencemen and none seem to have a lower floor to me than Myers... none are as "irresponsible"... Also those guys went for cheaper, shorter contracts ... the fact that the loser signed Myers for 5 years... unreal.


For all we know Myers and Ferland could be worst two contracts of this free agency. Wouldn't surprise me. Whatever Jim touches turns into $&!#.


I didn't even mention when he overpaid to acquire and inexplicably extended an overrated Brandon Sutter in 2015... simply put this franchise has never had a glorified bum who does as little as Suttsy does. He's one of those guys that thinks he's hot $&!# because of his name.. such an underwhelming player.. the world needs less Brandon Sutters.


Anyways... I could go on for days and days about all the negative things that Jim has done during his tenure... but that's not my goal. My goal is to see this fan base unified as one and hating the moron ruining our window and being upset for the plethora of awful contracts we have. This would include stopping all positive thoughts... no one cares that you draft good players with top 10 picks the league rewards to bad teams.. Everyone ends up doing a few good things in a 7 year tenure... being OCD and focusing on nonsense like that does nothing but harm your own mental well being in the long term.


I urge you Canucks nation... don't watch the games and do something better with your time. Stop the nonsense, stop praising our own garbage players, coaches, GM... if someone is to be traded Jim will probably not handle it and just let the player walk in free agency. You don't have to praise a bad player or terrible GM. It does nothing but multiply delusion in your own life.

Disclaimer: I understand this only applies to 80-90% of our fan base which are brainwashed into thinking that drafting with high picks is all a GM has to do - but sadly this 80-90% makes too much noise. If you have friends that are in this category please try and get them to change their tune... we need all hands on deck for unification


We were trending in the wrong direction and were a few points away from missing the playoffs last year... this group will take us there again. United we are stronger. DON'T BELIEVE Jim's process. He's taking us to the basement!


Anyways, I'm off to hoge the rest of the day, and obviously all night!  Fire Benning! :lol:

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Jim Benning ruined the Vancouver Canucks because we sucked so bad with two of our best players ever while they were doing their Swan Song.   WD and TG we're both also terrible coaches too.  Where the heck is the next Wayne or Mario anyways!  We've surely suffered enough (FU Wayne and your stupid Oilers - ruined my childhood).   All i want is a cup.  JB why couldn't you win the lottery and get AM, Dahlin etc ... instead all we have is BB, EP, QHs etc ... you suck.  And LE the saviour of the well past prime Sedin era...what happened to that?    Am i doing this right yet?  Also JB i don't like your face -it reminds me of a sack of potatoes - and TG where the heck is your chin anyways?   Oh on Dahlin.. the "Next most overrated defenseman in the history of the entire NHL - you know - the next "Lidstrom " (lol he's good but not "that good")  who couldn't beat Chelios, Leetch, 34 Coffey, Pronger or Al Mac or Blake for crying out loud for a Norris until you were 30 (lol lol lol) against the steep competition of ... wait for it ... it's coming... Rafalski, Gonchar and a grey bearded Scott Niedermayer ...:wow what an accomplsiment he's the best defenseman ever because he's so much better then anyone i've ever before because i was too young to watch him play against better guys that used to play against him and don't know any better.!   Am i doing this right?  Back to Jim Benning.   What a terrible GM.   He timed our contracts one year off because his core was better then even he anticipated.  Back to Lidstrom.  Quality of competition matters -- and WTF? why would they gift you one last Norris despite being a minus player?   Seriously f!cked.   Since this is a ridiculous thread i thought i might get into my biggest beef - which isn't JB - it's the fact Lidstrom is considered even close to names like Orr, Harvey, Borque, Potvin, Coffey, Robinson etc  ... Larry Murphy could have won 5-6 Norris trophies if he played in the 2000's. 

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