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Don Taylor and Dhaliwal New Sports Talk on CHEK TV


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Some big news here, possible FM all sports format




A new all-sports FM station?

One Vancouver FM station is rumoured to be considering flipping formats to all-sports, and could be interested in some of the properties mentioned above. The station is said to be in discussions with the CRTC on how that would work. The ownership group has also had discussions with many former 1040 employees, including Marjanovich, gauging their interest if a flip happens.

Other names mentioned to me as having had at least a discussion with the station include Taylor, David Pratt, Matt Sekeres, Iain McLetchie, and Dave Sheldon. The CRTC would need likely need to approve the new format before the station could make any big offers to anyone.


What about Sportsnet 650?

Speaking of all-sports radio stations, Sportsnet 650 has remained relatively quiet through the departure of TSN 1040. Many sports radio fans may have thought a wave of 1040 personalities might head over to Sportsnet, but so far that hasn’t been the case.


While nothing is immediate, I’ve been told by numerous sources that Sportsnet 650 could make some changes coming up in September. A number of hosts are on contracts that are set to expire later this year after signing four-year deals when the station launched in September of 2017. With talent available, Sportsnet could choose alter its lineup to start the important fall ratings guide.

The names I have heard mentioned most in connection to Sportsnet 650 are Mike Halford and Jason Brough, who made up the TSN 1040 morning show.

If any changes are made, don’t expect them to be made until after the end of the Canucks season at the earliest.

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I'm a huge Don Taylor fan from back in the CKVU days.  Congrats on the new show.


And for all Canuck fans this is huge!  Locally owned and produced without Toronto influence.  This will be  unique to this market at a time where everything has been centralized into control by T.O. 


Great news!



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On 3/17/2021 at 7:21 AM, Crabcakes said:

It's daytime TV.  Who's watching live?  The unemployed?  I guess we could record on PVR

I work from home.  Had it on in the background while I worked.  You don't really need to watch them talk, so it was like having the radio on.

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On 3/17/2021 at 7:36 AM, Jimmy McGill said:

classy move by Friedman to support this. 


Looking forward to it, hope they put it up on the you tube I'd watch it that way for sure. 

Even classier, he's donating his appearance fee to Canucks For Kids.

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Just finally found out about this podcast a few days ago.  Too bad this story is buried in here.  I guess its not Canuck hockey related enough.

Love it!   The only person missing is the Moj. 

Bu Bye 650.


I can have it on live at 10 am,  or listen to it later if I can't at that time.  TSN was horrible at posting their post shows audio up.  


There's even a Sekeres and Price podcast.  I could only handle listening for five minutes though.  ^_^


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On 3/17/2021 at 12:06 AM, Captain Canuck #12 said:

I hope that they do come up with the idea to revive Sports Page  -- its the kind of local sports show that only works on a smaller independent station, like CHEK.   Just like it did on CKVU, all those years ago....image.jpeg.7238f2fe653ea864283bce27b73dc268.jpegimage.jpeg.dbd88614123fc2fd0cc027a457337eaa.jpeg


I didn’t want to start a new thread so I thought I’d leave this here for anyone who finds it and enjoys old Sports Page clips. Yulin’ with the page was a family tradition each year. I sure miss those days with our own local coverage and personalities.




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