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The official CDC drinking game!

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Hello friends!


I don't think I have ever seen one before, so let us prep for the Feast of Saint Patrick with a couple laughs. I'll add more suggestions to the OP as the day goes on tomorrow, so everybody post your best!


Take a drink if someone...


- questions if we 'really need him"

- suggests Horvat's skating coach to fix skating issues

- offers Raymond, Ballard, and a 2nd (or an equivalent trade to today's team)

- delivers breaking news before Vintage

- uses unnecessarily large, bold text to express their opinion


Cheers everyone, and comment with your suggestions to have them added!

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if this is CDC based, i believe everyone will be dead by the end of the night :lol:
Would it be more beneficial to move this to the on screen product like "take a drink every time Mason Raymond falls down" etc, todays equivalent is "drink every time they turn the puck over in our zone" LOL

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