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Jimmy Vesey | #24 | LW

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54 minutes ago, diesel_3 said:

Unfortunately my Wife is a Leafs fan...So, we've watched plenty of their games around these parts.

Vesey always seemed very uninspired and unmotivated, he has a bigger body on the ice, but doesn't really use it effectively at all.

He just filled a sweater, didn't really help the Leafs, but also didn't really hurt them, either.

Thanks for the info, but the real question is why one would marry a Leafs fan?


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8 minutes ago, CanucksJay said:

Still think we should have claimed spezza and made him retire lol

Should have claimed Spezza, if he came here great, he'd be better than some in our bottom 12. If he didn't and chose to retire, fine by me.

Spezza is basically responsible for one Toronto win against Vancouver, we could have used those 2 points.

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39 minutes ago, Silky mitts said:

Our best player on the third line . Yuck

I rather see it as a 1a, 1b, and 1c.... or 2a, 2b, 2c... it's not a line 1, 2, 3.

It's basically spreading out the offence to have 3 scoring lines.

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Anyone else think this move was intended to light a fire under LE?


Yeah, me neither.



Hard to argue with a claim like this (even if unenthused) when you already have LE, Hawryluk, Michaelis and MacEwen in the lineup - and one forward (Graovac) remaining on the taxi squad = obviously running out of bodies. 

And Utica - who are 6-2-1 - could probably use a bit of their depth back....(although personally I'd rather see Eriksson sent off to Utica than Michaelis - if that happens I'l enjoy this move more).


Vesey is the better option than Grigorenko - in spite of being a winger.

At least with him you have a guy that can be a spot/secondary penalty killer (was 5th among Leafs forwards in pk minutes) - and a guy that can manage sub 50% ozone starts, perhaps even use his size if he decides to engage.


Perhaps the biggest upside though - is that it pinches some Leafs depth....(would have enjoyed it even more if Spezza had been claimed, forcing the Leafs to dip further into their suspect depth).

Leafs have gone 6 games without a regulation win  - 1 and 5 with an overtime victory....as they head into their yearly plunge as the season progresses lol.  The Canucks broke them with that recent two game spanking.   Jets are only 4 pts back of the Laffs - with two games in hand - and Deadmonton on their heels as well....


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1 hour ago, Alain Vigneault said:

He's basically Virtanen 2.0 so make of that what you will.


In any event, this could also mean that the Canucks might be seriously considering moving Pearson/Motte before the TD and Vesey has been brought in to cover on the LW.

Why would they move motte? makes zero sense, unless they are starting another rebuild. We need to add to motte in our bottom 6 not get rid of him since we wont be signing sutter,  beagle and roussell.

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2 minutes ago, CRAZY_4_NAZZY said:


And I thought Benning was all for the Tyler power....but something else is boiling underneath....the team of J's

Trying to trick Sportnet and TSN into believing we are the Jay's Westcoast Farm team, looking for extra eastern media coverage?

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