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Jimmy Vesey | #24 | LW

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5 minutes ago, zimmy said:

Jimmy’s excited about coming to a new team. Jimmy can’t wait to dominate. Jimmy is going to prove everybody wrong. Jimmy’s gonna bring his new training skates with him.

I can't wait for post game interviews


Jimmy had a great game.  Jimmy had some good chances, but jimmy just didn't have any puck luck.  Jimmy's starting to feel comfortable out there

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Maybe he can get Gaudette going on that 3rd line. It's no secret our 3rd line and 4th line can't really score or even provide meaningful offensive pressure. Gotta add at least a few offensively minded players to the bottom 6. Unless the plan is to just live and die by goaltending and the 1st line's production. Gaudette Vesey and Sutter is a decent enough line. Vesey and Gaudette for offensive pressure and Sutter to try babysit as best he can on the defensive end.

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2 hours ago, Dynamic Innovator said:

There should be zero optimism about this player.  He has no upside.  With that said, there should also be zero negativity.  He has no downside.


Be real people - the needle will not move with Jimmy Vesey.  He will provide neither a positive nor a negative impact to the Canucks roster.


The only real benefit to this move is if the Canucks can move out an expensive bottom 12 player they have an inexpensive bottom 12 player that can be thrown out there as a warm body.

This is alone a big benefit

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He's an upgrade to Michaelis, Eriksson and even Roussel.  Put him on the 3rd line and see what he can do.  Motte is coming back as well and Petey should be ready to go in a week or so.  The forward lines will change quite a bit when everyone is healthy.


Miller           Pettersson   Boeser

Pearson      Horvat         Hoglander

Vesey         Sutter           Virtanen

Motte          Beagle         Hawryluk


I'd like to see what this lineup can do.  Gaudette is weak defensively so I would take him out.  Add Vesey for his size and see what he can do.  Motte and Hawryluk together on the 4th line will be a great energy line.  At the very least this gets Roussel, Eriksson and Michaelis out of the lineup.  Let's see what happens.

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1 hour ago, gurn said:

This move makes more sense if it is the prelude to a trade,  on it's own it is a nothing burger.

Basically, with our playoff hopes looking rather dim we could easily see someone shipped out if we falter. Probably Pearson as our being able to afford him going forward is unlikely given how cap crunched we'll be after signing Petey, Quinn, and Thatcher. Vesey had success with the Rags, maybe he can be a decent third liner. Low risk move but certainly not exciting. 

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58 minutes ago, aGENT said:

How does that help us?


Again, we'd have to keep Forsberg on the main roster if we claim him. If we re-waive him to get him to the Taxi Squad and replace MDP, he either gets claimed by someone or the Jets get him back and automatically get to send him to their TS.


Still doesn't replace MDP.


Only way to do that is trade for a goalie that's already cleared waivers or sign a guy and try to waive him/have him clear.

They could have tried.  Pick him up and waive him the next day to see if he makes it to the taxi squad.  If he doesn’t make it things stay as is.


The Jets probably wouldn’t claim him back.   He’s also not theirs initially but Edmonton’s.   Jets claimed Forsberg after losing Comrie on waivers to NJD.  They’ve claimed Comrie back and he has now cleared quarantine and is on their taxi squad.  They no longer need to carry 3 goalies on their roster and probably wouldn’t want 2 on their taxi squad.


Edmonton in the meantime has claimed Stalock.  They see him challenging Koskinen/Smith.  He also has an additional year at 700K and could be a decent backup option for next season at a small cap hit.  They might not want to throw him back on waivers.  If they keep Stalock and claim Forsberg back they would have 4 goalies.




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14 minutes ago, canuktravella said:

 kool  no goals no assists whats he done out there so far  you think one shot on  net in 6 games is gonna keep you in lineup hes going to utica pretty quick 

or minutes............shifts

12                        21

9                           15

 8                           15      

12                         16

12                         17

6                           11


looks like his cup of coffee is getting cold

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1 hour ago, oldnews said:

Could be.

My guess would be that he moves onto the Sutter line (with Hawryluk at RW) - Michaelis moves to the taxi squad and Sautner back to Utica...?

I'd prefer to see LE on they way there, but I think he'll likely remain to help 'shelter' Gaudette in limited minutes for the Gaudette line.

AG's never going to be a great defensive C, if we're going to keep him I'm actually much more interested to see if he had Vesey have some chemistry and maybe become something of another scoring line, or threat at least. 


I really hope at some point this year they move Loui to Utica, its really time to put that contract where it belongs. 

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22 minutes ago, Screw said:

This says to me that one of the current injuries is going to be long term.

this says to me that Jimmer and Greenie both think we have a chance to make the playoffs 

and Greenie wants a veteran group and he doesn't want rookies (Michaelis, MacEwan, Juolevi, Lind, Gadjovich, Bailey, Graovac...) impeding his play off chances


I think this also says that they will grow their offensive players first, and when they reach their prime, they will start working on defensive players

that should work, huh?

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