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Ian Clark chances of contract renewal

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I have read somewhere that the Canucks haven't renewed Ian Clarks contract yet and also he most likely won't come back next year. He wasn't offered an extension when he was with Columbus mid-season and walked after the season. I would really hope that the Canucks would renew his contract but I don't think that's gonna happen. What do you guys think about his chances of getting his contract renewed? I don't think he'll be back but I really hope that I'm wrong since he's a great goalie coach. I think that if he leaves, then I don't think Demko will be the same without him. I think he should be a top priority to get re-signed because of how well he develops goalies. If I'm wrong about my statement about Clark, then I hope someone could enlighten me.

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Elliotte Friedman says Canucks should be signing Ian Clark's extension now.  Says waiting will bite them. Thoughts?


For me it seems to be a no brainer.  If JB's hands are tied by ownership he should be finding a way.  If Aqua has not been involved then it seems very curious.


Has Clark expressed a desire to go elsewhere?  I have not heard that reported.


Meanwhile... why is DiPietro still not playing anywhere...


Thanks all. Look forward to hearing your comments.





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17 minutes ago, MikeyD said:

Why? We have Baumgartner. Who do you think is making him look good? Baumgartner's system. That's right. 

The Canucks literally have the worst 5v5xGA/60, 5v5SCA/60, and 2nd worst 5v5HDCA/60 in the entire league.

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Elliotte is bitter that his Laffs have lost 5 of 6....so he's parrotting the second hand drama peddled by Woodley....


EF's best material does tend to be derivative.


Anyhow - yawn.    


If Clark wants to return - great.

If not, I'm sure the Leafs or Flames will be happy to continue to follow in Canuck footsteps....

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