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Mafia: Vanilla Wars [Game Over]

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Vanilla Wars of Madagascar


The vanilla thieves of Anjahana were so confident of their power to intimidate the townspeople they provided advance warning of raids. “We are coming tonight,” they would write in a note pushed under doors in this remote coastal village in Madagascar. “Prepare our Vanilla for transport.”


But they either undervalued their target commodity or overestimated the meekness of their victims. After one assault too many at the turn of the year, a crowd grabbed one of the alleged scum, dragged them into the village square and then set about the bloody task of mob justice.


“They hacked and stabbed him to death with machetes and harpoons,” said a vanilla villager, who was among the crowd of onlookers. “I think it’s good. The sheriff did nothing. Now the mafiosos will be afraid of stealing from us. We have our own guards now. Villagers of the community make patrols at night. We detain the suspects, then vote to see if we should hack and stab them to death. This is the way of the Vanilla Wars."

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Credit to Master Radishes for the "Introduction" and "History on CDC" blurbs and Intowesable for compiling it together in his invitational game. 



Mafia is a game of strategy, trust, intuition, risk, and luck.

It is a game between two factions battling to the death for victory. Everyone is either a Townsperson or a Mafia. The Mafia know each other's identities, and work together in a group – once a night, they select a Townsperson to kill. The Townspeople do not know each other's identities, but must debate during the day who might be the Mafia among them, and then vote for someone to lynch. They must root out the Mafia through any information they can gather. There are often special roles that can assist the Townspeople, such as a Sheriff, a Doctor, etc. The winning group is the group left standing when all other members of the opposition have been eliminated.


History on CDC

Krazz introduced the game of Mafia on White Noise way back in 2008. Games were run in sequence for quite some time, during the initial heyday of Mafia on CDC. But eventually the games died off as interest waned. Fortunately, over time, Krazz and others (notably T-rex930) have re-booted Mafia several times, allowing players old and new alike to experience the game again and again.




1) Specials must submit their actions to me before 9:30 PM PST each night. All votes must be submitted before 9:30 PM PST, at which point Nightfall will commence. Once the Nightfall summary has been posted, the next round will begin.


2) Players are required to submit a vote at least once every round. If you can't take 5 minutes out of your day to read through the thread and place a vote, don't sign up.

Vote: No Lynch - is a valid vote


Round numbers do not need to be included with votes, but please make sure that all votes are bolded or they will not be counted. (Example: Vote Intoewsables)

Note: "Vote Abstain" is not a vote, and will not save you from being god-killed.


3) Editing posts is entirely against the rules (no 10 minute rule). If you have something to add or correct, quote your post and fix it in another reply.


4) Last words are for lynched players only. Players killed by Specials do not get last words.


5) Once you've been killed off, do not interfere with the game. Offering your opinion or providing information to players who are still alive takes the fun out of the game for everyone. Failure to abide by this rule may result in a ban from future games.


6) Conversing with other players outside of designated role PMs is not allowed. If you are caught discussing the game outside of the game thread, you will be god-killed.


7) Do not bring outside factors into the game. Making bets, offering real-life rewards, or claiming to ban yourself from future games to prove your innocence will not be tolerated. You're all clever enough to come up with better defenses than that.


8) The sheriff will receive a night 0 investigation on one random Vanilla Town player.


9) going Anon is highly recommended for all players.


Good luck, and have fun!

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53 minutes ago, falcon45ca said:



5 minutes ago, Aladeen said:

Who is that sexy beast of a man like a cross between Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Gosling :wub:

You guys know who that is.

He craves attention and requires constant praise.

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37 minutes ago, Davathor said:

We're posting selfies now? Ok




I did post a selfie, just not one of myself..

You really didn't need to make us all self conscious with your insane hotness. Think I'm gonna vote Dav for giving me body issues.

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