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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks @ Montreal Canadiens | March 20, 2021 | 4 p.m. PT | SNP, RDS

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4 hours ago, Devron44 said:

At least Ron calling it as it is with the refs.

weird thought he hated the Nucks lol

He’s sucking up, but has a long way to go to be forgiven for the Auger-Burrows controversy & fiasco. He usually defends his zebra buddies as blindly as Trumpers deflect criticism away from the orange one.

Perhaps the bluster of Don Cherry gave him fuel enough to believe every old-school mantra about the league & its’ officials deserving to be “Teflon” covered against any criticism, because they can’t possibly do everything, right Ron? Wrong! Just add some technology, accountability & proper-assignment vetting.  


Ron name-drops/grovels to remain relevant to young & old folks alike. Maybe he’s forced himself to be “just a wee bit more progressive” in acknowledging that there’s a need to hold many of these officials & their  mistakes to full public account & not expect the players to do ‘their’ jobs for the them. 


Nah, that’s not it. 

Ron panders to Canadians now & after helping to hype & promote ‘Bruins-style hockey’ alongside Don Cherry for decades while on CBC’s public payroll. When Canada’s team vied for the Stanley Cup in 2011, McLean gleefully helped to maligne the ‘good guys’ & other honourable heroes of hockey around the league, (like the Sedins) who dedicated themselves to playing progressive hockey, the right way. Ironically, that honourable-style did model something signifigant for the next generation & became more acceptable to parents/coaches/schools for its’ high-standard. The game then evolved & is being played more progressively, now. They won’t be going back. 

Keep trying to make amends, Ron! 

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