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[Cancelled] Predict The Score Contest: VAN @ CGY April 8 2021

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1 hour ago, goalie13 said:

It was 11 - 0, and it was spectacular.



2 gordie howe hat tricks, nice. Man, that team was big and ugly


92 was the year I started watching games, after I got a trevor linden poster for christmas.  I was talking about that game all week. I remember telling my very catholic grandmother about how calgary where a bunch of big wussy's, poor sports and couldn't fight fair one on one cause they cleared the bench first. I don't think gramma was too happy about me watching hockey after that game.


I spent a lot of time watching hockey after that 11-0 game


We has two TV'S but no-one watched on the second TV cause the TV was one of those old color TV's in the wooden box, there was no remote and the corners of the tv were all weird colors. So my sister, and my brother didn't like sports so I only got to check the score  during comercial breaks. after that 11-0 game I would watch games on that old TV, getting up often to give it a smack.  One day during Supper time I asked if we could get a new TV upstairs cause I had to Hit it with my hand a lot. I can clearly remember my dad asking to see my hand, "He said your hand isn't broken and neither is the TV, don't ask me again until one of them is broken." Mom must have been on my side though cause a couple weeks later we got a new used TV. It wasn't that big but it came with one of those cable boxes that had a remote.


Forgot to mention the best part, the new tv sat on the old tv. I asked my dad why didn't we sell it, He told me just in case the new one breaks, we'll keep it. Now that i'm a little older and wiser, I'm guessing He eitherjust didn't want to admit he couldn't lift that thing and/or just didn't want to break his back trying.





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4-2 Nucks

Edler with winner deflecting off of Leivos shin guard while Tanevs hair is providing the screen for finally getting his 100th goal!!!! Tanev and Leivo rush to hug Eddie on the milestone not realizing they are on the Flames lol. :towel:@debluvscanucks 

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