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Sportsnet 650 introduces new weekday lineup, starting March 29

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I love that Craigh MacEwen is coming back into the fold. He is the producer of 650, but he did some solid work as Sportnets reporter for the Canucks for years. He has great insight and has a real good pulse on this market. I was listening lots to him over the past week as he was on with Bik Nizzar.


I like this lineup.


Andrew Walker good riddance, James and Perry were annoying as hell as they often interrupted each other and more annoyingly their guests.


Love the addition of Karen Surman, she was great on 1040. The strongest segment IMO is Sat Shah, Randip Janda and Dan Riccio. Some heavy weights in that group.

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Surman may actually get me to tune back into 650 

meh on the rest


always sad to see people lose their job, even if I did not like their work. Media is a tough gig these days...


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3 minutes ago, Tre Mac said:

Tbh I didn't SN would be that smart but good on them, still got to boost thier signal though.

Just listen through the internet on your phone. 

Aux cable is your friend. 

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1 hour ago, 24K PureCool said:

Happy for Rintoul to finally get a co host to interact with instead of giving monologues for half the show.

Thank jebus for that. I've been trying to listen to 650 but Rintoul is so vanilla it puts me to sleep. 


Goooodbbbbyyyyyyyyy Andrew Walker and Cybulski!!!!!

steve buscemi flirting GIF

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This is great news. Can't stand walker and perry and cbal had some cringe worthy bits. 


That whole Canucks in a song thing was embarrassing 


Halford brough and taylor were the only ones I would listen to on 1040 so this is great for vancouver radio.

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