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[GetWellThread] Vancouver Canucks vs. Edmonton Oilers | April 16 | 6 p.m. | SNP

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We're in 7th last points percentage wise so a high draft pick would be a great addition but at the same time all teams besides Montreal are catching up with games so every game should be very important for everyone besides Ottawa.


Exciting times. I bet it stays close until the end.

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3 hours ago, IBatch said:

FYI.  IF we win four in a row, starting next game, we will be right where we were five games ago.     And then need to win 2/3 the rest of the way.   If we lose next game need a six game winning streak...another game an eight game etc...for sure the clock is ticking but it's not over yet.     Plus we can play spoilers, and nothing would make me happier then watching the Flames, well go down in flames. 

We're drafting top 10 right now. Don't start hexing things! Hoping for a bench clearing. Marky, Tanev, and Leivo all stand by the boards and watch. Then the action gets to much and they all go full flashback and start throwing on their Flamer team mates. :shock::rolleyes:

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5 minutes ago, NHTyrany said:

Game story: are the Nucks attempting a play-off push or are they content to treat last year as luck.

The GM said we were 2 years away recently, so last year must have been a 1 off fluke in his mind considering we weren't in a playoff spot last year before the league got shutdown and then we lucked out playing a weak Minnesota team to get in. Then, the Blues showed their true colours and we defeated them in round 1, Demko took us to game 7 in round 2.


Hope we just stand pat, move as many players out as we can which will likely be not many and give some kids a chance at ice time from Utica. Curious to see if we hand out just short term deals to all our key RFA's with the flat cap in hopes for them that the cap goes up and then they cash in big

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2 hours ago, Slegr said:

What if...

We just kept on winning. Somehow, win after win until game 54. There are still 34 points up for grabs.
It all starts Wednesday.

Game 56 ;)

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30 minutes ago, SergioMomesso said:

So does anyone know this Brendan Williamson kid from Chilliwack that got cut from the TBirds for mocking a black kid on the team?

I just noticed the GM of the TBirds is a person name Bill La Forge.  I know the spelling isn't exactly the same, but I wonder if he's any relation to former Canucks head coach Bill LaForge?

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7 hours ago, tas said:

doesn't get much better than a late season battle for 5th place.


should be a barngardenerburner. 


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Sabres blow 3-0 third period lead as Flyers tie it up with just over a minute to go.


Edit: Flyers win in OT


Congrats Buffalo on tying the NHLs longest losing streak.

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8 hours ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

Hopefully, the Flames will have the same amount of energy as Johnny Gaudreau did in his 499th NHL game.

ya Vint , its always good to prop up your expectations by hoping your opponent poops the bed

its actually easier than icing a good team

2 thimbs up

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3 hours ago, Beary Sweet said:

Big game. If we want any chance of making the playoffs, we have to win. Just had a week off. There will be no excuses. Let's get it done, boys! GCG!



broken sticks

goal posts

Vesey and whatisname not had 14 games to gel

too many left shots on defense

Jake sucks

Miller, Hughes mishandle pucks at blue line

Thatchy doesn't pitch a shut out

I thought we played good out there, not good enough to win, but ....

need to play 60 minutes....

the refs

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