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I like the new layout of the website


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11 hours ago, Roberts said:

yeah i think some stuff is a bit hard to read, but i think thats easily fixable. i dont mind this update at all, it seems to be keeping the good CDC features, but in a more modernized way.


It was lighter blue earlier in the day. Looked way better.

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9 hours ago, johngould21 said:

"I like it", as Mikey used to say! Anyone old enough to remember "Mikey"?


Sure do! I literally said it the other day and my wife looked at me like a crazy person, ha! Classic.



Back on topic, it would be nice if some white space was automatic when quoting someone, but that's real nitpicking.


Colours, maybe the usernames could be Canucks blue and the +votes Canucks green? Some team colours like that here and there would be cool. Although I don't mind the light grey for cleanliness, I feel I might enjoy more colour touches here and there.

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