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[Signing] Canucks re-sign Tanner Pearson

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Just now, BPA said:

Maybe ... maybe not.


I've read that teams learned their lesson from the Vegas expansion.  So maybe there will be less teams offering picks for SEA to take a certain player.  So if there there are less teams offering picks, then perhaps SEA will take on a bad contract in order to get more draft picks.  


I know.  Wishful thinking. 




Well anything is possible.  Reason why Habs offered anything of consequence for Staal was that they had a TON of extra picks.

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Not a fan of this move:  nothing against Pearson, but he's the kind of player that's going to get squeezed hard this summer and ought to be cheaper then.  There has to be a back story here that we don't know about how they're going to clear cap this summer.  Otherwise the Petterson/Hughes negotiations are going to get truly ugly. 

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6 minutes ago, VegasCanuck said:

Mark my words, guys, Pearson will be traded at the deadline....




in 2024.


Maybe by 2024 Benning is the GM in another team. I can see this happening

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Benning is the worst GM in the league when it comes to signing UFA's/pending UFA's. It's not even close.


Watch him re-sign Sutter shortly. 


This has to be the most frustrating time to be a Canucks fan as the team has so much potential to succeed but is being butchered by horrible contracts. The fact that the Canucks re-signed Pearson but not Toffoli at a slightly higher cap hit is equally frustrating and hilarious. 


Benning needs to go. Keep the scouting staff that has saved this organization. Get a General Manager that can actually use those pieces to build an elite franchise. 

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5 minutes ago, NewbieCanuckFan said:

You seriously don't think it's that hard to get a backup goalie under contract for a fraction of the cost of $5.7 million?  And he's not even good in that role (been declining for several seasons now).  We'll have to agree to disagree.



Who are we paying $5.7 mill in goal?  :o

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3 minutes ago, Canuck Surfer said:

Who are we paying $5.7 mill in goal?  :o

That's Holtby's actual cash salary next year.  LE *after* his bonus this upcoming offseason would be easier to move imho (to a team not looking to spend actual money)

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I hope they don't protect Pearson, or Edler if he's re-signed.






Virtanen - if they trade, then protect new guy or Motte

Gaudette - if they trade, then protect new guy, Motte or Vesey







Hoglander and Hughes are exempt

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8 minutes ago, VegasCanuck said:

Because he still wants to surround our younger players with experience and players who have gone all the way to the cup.


That's why he brought in Holtby, that's why he brought in Beagle and that's why he's keeping Pearson (who is still in his prime).

Holtby and beagle have been terrible signings , and are a hamper on the cap .

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7 minutes ago, NewbieCanuckFan said:




I'm afraid unloading LE at only the cost of a 2nd round pick would be like Mr Roarke welcoming us to....





I still think the Kraken would likely just pick a player off the Canucks roster on a cheap contract and/or Myers (right side D aren't going to be that cheap in the open market)

Unloading LE's contract for a 2nd or 3rd round pick this summer is somewhat reasonable. There are a number of teams that are being stretched financially and would like to stay closer to the floor of the cap in the coming season (speculation, but with logic behind it). If we were to offer to someone like Ottawa or Detroit, or Florida, LE, plus a 3rd round pick, to take him on for one season, they might look at it as he's only owed another 4 million, and its only 3 million if we agree to pickup the 1 million bonus.


I think its much more likely that we just buy him out this summer as it would lower our cap hit next season to 4 million and would only cost us 1 million cap hit the following while saving the team about 1 million in actual money.


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20 minutes ago, Tom Sestito said:

I really don't agree with what you're saying about Lind. I think you could say the bolded about a same age Gaudette but being "ok" at that stuff at a lower level is not good enough to make it at an NHL level. 


If you can get a pick for a player like this, I'd take it and run. Everyone likes to "wait and see" with basically every prospect that hasn't made major strides in their first three post-draft seasons, but I feel like it should be pretty obvious what a player is going to be outside of the rare late development curve guys. 



They have to start devaluing him now to defend JB when we lose him or another good young play because Jb rather have over paid declining vets. 

Over and over it’s the same.

I’ll be happy for Lind if Seattle take him no way he gets a shot with Vancouver that could be said for most of the farm team. 

And same goes for good college players why would they ever sign here it’s clear they’ll never be given an real opportunity between ufa plugs and waiver wire pick ups. 


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14 minutes ago, Provost said:

I am not sure what the pushed ELC bonuses will come to.... but those come off that $17 million.


Plus that is only with 12 players signed!!


 Assume an average of $1 million each average for 8 players (including replacing a top 4D in Edler)... that leaves about $8 million left for both Petterson and Hughes combined to just make up a 22 man roster.


Ferland hasn’t retired, Seattle isn’t likely going to do us a favour by taking big money off of us, and the Beagle being on LTIR all of next year is an entirely unsubstantiated rumour. 

pop in another 3.8 if Holtby is bought out. I don't think we will see Edler back, unless he really wants to come cheap. 


Jim will have to ensure Seattle takes some salary, it might cost us a pick to do it. 


We were in this problem if this deal was 2.5 or 3.5. It the year 3 that cheeses me off. 


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