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[Signing] Canucks re-sign Tanner Pearson

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Just now, PhillipBlunt said:

Why was Pearson given protection from the expansion draft? He's a middling, streaky player at best. What a poorly thought out signing. 

if this is a sign and trade to Toronto I'll love this deal. 

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I've understood past signing... Especially when we didn't have the high end pieces we currently have to attract FA's and re-signings but man... This is one year too long and at least 800 k to much!  Not happy... This is shown to be a chronic problem with this management.  I'm really disappointed that Aqualinni signed off on this!

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Just now, aGENT said:

No certainly not cliff diving time, as many are doing.


I wouldn't have paid him that much for that long... A one year deal, sure. Two year... Somewhere around $2.8-$3. Three year should have been closer to $2.5-$2.8 IMO.


I do think a lot of people are over poo-poo'ing Pearson's ability though as a means to fuel their outrage. He's not 'sexy', but he's a lot better player than the replacement level scrub many are painting him as.

well, its not 4. Now that would have been epic. 


Jim's an enigma. He's done so well with drafting, most development, RFAs, but can't seem to get the UFA thing right. 

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3 minutes ago, Squamfan said:

U Have brock up next year at 7.5 and then bo the year after


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This just pushed me over.  
I genuinely thought JB was done with these deals.  
I have been a supporter, but no more. 
He continues to hamper this team, and it looks like he’s not gonna stop.  

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12 minutes ago, aGENT said:

It's not awful... But it's not good either.

Yeah, that. I would have thought we would be ok with cheap but otherwise would want to move forward.


It's not like we want to leave uncertainty for Horvat as he and Pearson have been a good pairing, but Horvat was a decent pairing with Baertschi as well. I dunno...

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16 minutes ago, Herberts Vasiljevs said:

I feel like I'm on an island of my own, but I like this deal. Sorry guys.

I dont love it, and I dont hate it. One year too long imo. 


3.25 isnt a huge cap hit.



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